Outfit of the Night

Outfit of the night is the topic of today’s post on my blog! Keep reading to see what I wore to a night out and maybe get inspired!

Hello, my lovely readers and welcome to the outfit of the night post on my blog! I am usually not someone who goes out at the night that much, meaning I don’t do clubbing often, etc. But, since I was on a trip with my class (will talk more about that in a separate post), we had been going to a club in the place we stayed at. For that occasion, I wore the outfit I will share with you today. It’s pretty simple actually but I like to say that there’s elegance in simplicity.

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I wore my birthday gift- a T-shirt which says “Follow my blog” and I absolutely love it. I think this shirt is so me and I love it when people give me something kind of personalized. Secondly, I wore my favourite skirt of all time. Let’s just appreciate how beautiful this skirt is… I mean, look at it! I really love the style and material of this skirt. Material is really soft and feels like velvet. It fits good on the body and I really like the details on it. I was wishing for a skirt like this for such a long time. I accidentally came across it on Rosegal and I knew I needed to have it. It can be pulled off in many different styles and I like fashion pieces who can be styled in many ways. I want to mention something which could be really helpful if you decide to order it. Size. It’s about size. I loved this skirt when I saw it and I knew I needed to have it. But, they had only XL and bigger sizes. So, I took XL counting on my Mom to size it down since I am M size in bottoms. I wear 38 or M, for everyone to understand. When this skirt came and I tried it, I realized it fits me great. It’s just a bit looser than it should be for me but this is definitely not XL size. It’s a bit bigger M size. So, be careful with that. You can get it -> HERE (ROSEGAL SKIRT). It was only 13.25 USD, which I think is really affordable for a skirt.
outfit of the night livinglikev fashion blogger living like v style blogger night out outfit ideas
As for shoes, I decided to go classy and wear basic black sandals with high heels. I loved it how this outfit looked put together. Do you like it as well? That would be everything for this post! Thank you so much for reading and talk to you really soon! Love you all!
Bye, V

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