Essence Crystal Power Makeup INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY

To give back to you guys, I decided to make an international giveaway on my blog! Keep reading to find out how you can enter and win three cute prizes!

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Hello, my lovely readers and welcome to the blog post which I think you will all like- it’s international giveaway time! I’m so grateful to be receiving lots of PR packages so I always take a part of those packages and leave it in one box. After I collect enough items in that box, I do a giveaway, usually on Instagram. But, this time, the giveaway will be done through Raffle Copter. It’s pretty easy to enter, just follow the steps and do mandatory tasks. If you want, you can also do bonus tasks, which will make the chances for you to win this giveaway higher. I made it international because I know there are people from different countries besides mine, who follow me and enjoy my content. Since I don’t like making differences between my readers, this is a giveaway anyone can enter.

You can win:

  • Essence Crystal Power blush & highlighter palette
  • Essence Crystal Power nail polish in shade 02 be strong
  • Essence Crystal Power lipstick color-changing in shade 01 be happy

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I really hope you like this giveaway and I hope you will enter! Thank you all so much for your support through everything I do here, in my virtual world. Love you all and talk to you really soon!


Bye, V

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