❄️ Motel Rocks Wish List ❄️

Motel Rocks has amazing deals, keep reading to find out! 

Hello my dear readers and welcome to my Motel Rocks wish list. Motel Rocks is basically a website where you can find and order super cute trendy clothes for low prices.
You can check it out right here —> CLICK HERE !

So let’s get into this!
I’m going to share with you top 5 pieces of clothes and accessories from this website and I hope you’ll enjoy!

Fluffy clothes are absolutely amazing! I really like the feeling of wearing them so I added this super cute Clover Long Sleeve Fluffy Jumper in Black on my wish list! Pairing them with high waisted jeans for casual look or with cute colored skirts for party look seems very cute! And oh, I imagine it with beautiful necklaces or maybe another type of jewelry? Who knows, you can play with it!

Check it out right here —> CLICK CLICK CLICK!
Yaay jewelry! I’ve always wanted this shaped necklace! It looks so cute and I definitely want it! It really seems to me like a piece of jewelry that would totalize everyday casual outfit and make it look so beautiful. It’s called Dixi Sunrise Pearl Tusk Necklace in Brass.

Check it out right here —> CLICK CLICK CLICK!
I really need a good pair of plain jeans so I chose this  Jordan Skinny Jeans in Wash Black! They are super cute and I like high waisted jeans but not like too much high…. I don’t know if you get me but the photo shows you exactly what I’m talking about. They are plain jeans and you can basically wear them everyday and pair them with everything!

Check it out right here —>  CLICK CLICK CLICK !
Playsuits are so trendy right now and I can’t tell that I don’t want them all! In every possible color and pattern but I’ve chose this Playsuit in Folklore for my wish list because I think I could wear it everywhere and it wouldn’t be hard to combinate it like other playsuits which are a bit more ellegant and classier than this one but I’m 100% into this style and I mean… I can’t wear what I don’t like and I would never ever lie to you about my style!

Check it out right here —> CLICK CLICK CLICK!

I’m truly, madly, deeply in love with this dress! I don’t know if I ever mentioned this to you, but I’m a big fan of  celestial bodies but mostly of the moon and the stars so when I saw this dress I was like freaking out!
I really need it! Look how cute it is!

Check it out right here —> CLICK CLICK CLICK !

So that was all for today guys! I hope you enjoyed as much as I did! If you did, be sure to let me know in the comments down bellow and by following me on GFC! 
I love you guys! 

Bye, V


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