Month: January 2016


❄️ My Jewelry Collection ❄️

My Jewelry Collection is the topic of this post!  Keep reading to see all of my jewelry!  Hello my dear readers and welcome to my jewelry collection! How are you doing? I hope you’re fine! Welcome to another post! This one is about my jewelry collection. I came on idea to write this post today […]


❄️Inspire Me ❄️

If you are looking in a phase of ‘Inspire Me’ , looking for that content, keep reading! Inspire Me with photos! Hello guys! If your inspiration is love and you are screaming ‘Inspire Me’ you’ve come to the right post. I’ve been obsessed with taking photos lately and sharing them on Instagram (btw. follow me […]


❄️ 2016 Goals ❄️

Want to know what are my 2016 Goals? Keep reading!  Hello guys and happy New Year (if you celebrate it) and keep reading to find out about my 2016 goals! Wish you all the best! x Because it’s the beginning of 2016, I decided to do post about my goals that I want to accomplish […]