Favoriti Januara | January Favorites

Hello my dear readers and welcome to another post!
January is over now and it fascinates me how time passes by… Like, it was 2015 yesterday and we are really into 2016 now. Wow!
Never mind, since the January is over, it’s time for January Favorites post! I haven’t tried many beauty products in the past month but I’m going to show you my other favorites! Let’s get into this!


  • VASELINE INTENSIVE CARE : Hand & Nail Lotion – This lotion is really good. It smells really nice and leaves my hands smooth but the only thing I don’t like about it is that it absorbs really slow and that’s kind of annoying but when it absorbs it leaves your hands smooth and nice so you should definitely try it!
  • NIVEA : Fresh Natural Deodorant – You know I’m a big fan of Nivea’s deodorants like my mom. This time, she bought this Fresh Natural deodorant and it’s really refreshing. I love the feeling on my skin after it and it smells natural which I really like, I don’t like deodorants which smell like a perfume.


  • FRANCK : Mangosteen – I don’t know if you know but I’m a big tea lover. There’s nothing better then a cup of a hot tea for me. I picked up the best 4 teas for this post and this Franck Mangosteen tea is one of them. I don’t know how to describe its taste than really amazing and delicious. Definitely one of my favorite teas ever. I tried it in one cafe and I really liked it so I bring this tea wrapping with me home so I can buy it.
  • FRANCK : Strawberry and vanilla – Another Franck tea. This one is the taste strawberry and vanilla. I really like the teas I don’t have to add anything to make them sweet like previous and this one. That way, I’m not adding extra calories and they taste really good without sugar. I like to add honey sometimes, to make them sweet and sometimes I add lemon and cinnamon. But be careful with cinnamon because, if you add it to much, it’ll get too smelly and I personally don’t like it that way, but if you do, go ahead.
  • TEKKANE : Magic Apple – This is the first Tekkane tea I ever bought, the saleswoman recommended it to me couple days ago. I tried it the same day I bought it and it’s AMAZING! The mixture of apples and cinnamon is always the right combination. I highly recommend it to you! 

  • NIKITEA : Black tea – The teas by this brand are amazing (am I saying it too much? Naah, this is favorites post haha) ! This one is the black tea. I don’t really like black tea by itself, but when I add some milk to ‘kill’ the bitterness, it was really delicious.


    • YOU CAN BE THE HAPPIEST WOMAN ON THE WORLD – Dr.Aid El-Karni – I’ve already written a review on this book and you can check it out right here, if you already didn’t –> CLICK HERE!
    • FORTRESS – Mesa Selimovic – If you follow me on Instagram (@vilda139 ) you have seen this photo down below and that book was ”Fortress” by Mesa Selimovic. I really enjoyed reading this book and I think that everyone should read it!
    That was all for today guys!

    Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK). 

    Thank you! 
    I love you guys! 
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