Spring Accessories, Shoes & MakeUp // Collab with Maggie’s Blog

Hello my dear readers!
Welcome to another post! This one is all about spring and happy colors because spring’s coming and the girl from the Maggie’s Blog and me are going to help you a little bit! You are wondering how?
Well, I’m going to present you 5 combinations of accessories, shoes and makeup to go with the outfit Megi has prepared for you!
 The link of her blog will be at the end of this post so you can check her outfits when you see the combinations I have prepared for you!Hope you like them and that they’ll be an inspiration for you!

1. Here comes the first outfit which I like to call ORANGE RHAPSODY.
2. Spring is actually the first half of the summer because it’s really warm and those Vixen Platform Heels would be the perfect choice for spring time!
I like to call this one NATURAL SOUL.
3. Flowers, flowers, flowers! Because, why not? Those J.Crew earrings and necklace are wonderful to go with skin color heels and the beautiful Ostrich Horiz Ldn Tote Kurt Geiger London Multi-Coloured. 
4. I’m presenting you the YELLOW IS BAE combination which is really wonderful, if you ask me, and I’d totally wear all these accessories and the shoes!!! They are so beautiful! 
4. If I really need to decide which one is my favorite… I’d say this one! Why? Because it’s really pretty! Look at those pretty colors matching to each other although they are not in the same shade.
I love it!
So that was all for my post! Be sure to check out Megi’s blog because she’s really great blogger and I was enjoying collabing with her! Unfortunately, she’s writing just on CROATIAN LANGUAGE so… I’m sorry about you who don’t understand it… 
You can check her blog here —> CLICK !
That was all for today guys!
 Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK).
 Thank you! 
I love you guys!
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