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Hello my dear readers and welcome to another post about This or That TAG!

So, in this post I decided to do one tag which I found interesting and I think we should get into this! Please read to the end because I’m going to nominate some of you guys to do this tag, but of course, if you want to.

this or that tag


  1. Blush or bronzer – Bronzer.
  2. Lip gloss or lipstick – Lipstick.
  3. Eye liner or mascara – Mascara.
  4. Foundation or concealer – Foundation.
  5. Neutral or color eye shadow – Neutral.
  6. Pressed or loose eye shadows – I don’t really know. Pressed? 
  7. Brushes or sponges – Brushes. 


  1. OPI or china glaze – I don’t use those nail polishes but as I have seen some photos, I’d choose OPI.
  2. Long or short – Medium? I don’t like them too long or too short.
  3. Acrylic or natural – Definitely natural.
  4. Brights or darks – Darks!
  5. Flower or no flower – No flower.


  1. Perfume or body splash – I don’t know why but I like body splashes only in summer so I’d choose perfume.
  2. Lotion or body butter – Lotion.
  3. Body wash or soap – Body wash.
  4. Lush or other bath company – Nivea definitely!


  1. Jeans or sweat pants – Jeans.
  2. Long sleeve of short – Long.
  3. Dresses or skirts – Skirts.
  4. Stripes or plaid – Plaid. 
  5. Flip flops or sandals – Sandals.
  6. Scarves or hats – Scarves.
  7. Studs or dangly earrings – Definitely studs!
  8. Necklaces or bracelets – Bracelets but I love necklaces too.
  9. Heels or flats – Flats for now because I’m too young for heels.
  10. Cowboy boots or riding boots – Neither of them. 
  11. Jacket or hoodie – Can I say both? 
  12. Forever21 or Charlotte Russe – I don’t know because I don’t have those shops in my country but I’ve seen a lot of clothes from Forever21 online and I’m in love with them so, yeah, Forever21.


  1. Curly or straight – Curly because all the girls want what they don’t have…
  2. Bun or ponytail – I love buns but I do ponytails more frequently but I’d say bun.
  3. Bobby pins or butterfly clips – Booby pins. 
  4. Hair spray or gel – Hair spray. I don’t use gel anymore.
  5. Long or short – Long. 
  6. Light or dark – Mine is medium dark brown so I’d say dark.
  7. Side sweep bangs or full bangs – NO BANGS!
  8. Up or down – It depends. But when my hair is up, I feel more comfortable and I don’t know why is that…


  1. Rain or shine – I like rain but when I don’t have to go somewhere.
  2. Summer or winter – I love summer because of the summer vacation so…
  3. Fall or spring – Fall! It’s the season I’m born in. 
  4. Chocolate or vanilla – Definitely chocolate.
*All the photos except the first one which I created are downloaded from WeHeartIt*
That was all for today guys! Oh, hey, I need to nominate some of you to do this tag if you want to! I’m nominating :
Hope you’ll do this tag! 
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  1. Super post!!!Ako ovo citaju tvoji clanovi neka posete moj blog i neka se uclane (uzvracam) trebace mi podrska tako sjajnih bloggera.Molila bi i tebe ako mozes.

    NOVI POST ———>

  2. I like long and straight hair. I love rain too but not too heavy especially when I am sleeping. I love spring because I love to see all the blooms. And of course I love chocolate. Have a great day!

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