Hello my loves and welcome to another post on my blog!
So, a beautiful girl here on Blogger has nominated me to do a TMI Tag and I’m doing it! Her name is Tijana. Thank you Tijana! I hope you don’t mind because I’ve done it as my first post but this tag is a little bit different so I decided to do it because it seems interesting.

Let’s get into this…

*photo is mine*
1: What are you wearing? I’m wearing black sweatshirt with golden skull heads  and maroon sweatpants.
2: Ever had a terrible breakup? Noup, too young for that.
3: How tall are you? Do I really have to answer on this? I’m really short and just… Okay, 163-4 cm.
4: Any tattoos? No. It’s forbidden in my religion.
5: Any piercings? No. Also forbidden.
6: OTP? Stalia! I even have a blog about them haha.
7: Favorite Show? Teen Wolf.
8: Favorite bands? One Direction is life! I love them and I also love to listen songs by The Script, Little Mix and Imagine Dragons.
9: Favorite song? Can’t decide so I’d say the whole Made in A.M. album. 
10: Zodiac sign? Virgin but I don’t believe in that.
11: Quality you look for in a partner? I don’t even look for a partner!
12: Favorite Quote? ”No body asks what you had on your mind, but what you did. Thought is yours, deed is everyone’s.” ”Everything will pass… But, is that solace? The happiness will also pass. The love will also pass, the life will pass. Is the hope really in the fact that everything  will pass?”
I’ve translated those quotes by Mesa Selimovic and I hope I didn’t make mistakes. 
13: Favorite actor? Dylan O’brien.
14: Favorite color? Red.
15: Loud music or soft? It really depends on my mood but I’d say soft.
16: Where do you go when you’re sad? In my bedroom.
17: How long does it take you to shower?  30-45 minutes, I think.
18: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? An hour.
19: Ever been in a physical fight? Not really…
20: What’s attractive to you on another person? Humor, sincerity and cleverness. 
21: What’s unattractive to you on another person? Too much confidence and lie. 
22: The reason I joined Blogger? I enjoy writing and I had to share it with you guys.
23: Fears? I’m God-fearing and I think that’s good. But what’s really bad… I’m afraid of oblivion. I’m afraid that, one day, when I die, everybody will forget me and I’m trying so hard to make them remember me by the good things I’ve done for them.
24: Last thing that made you cry? The death of my mother’s aunt.
25: Last time you said you loved someone? I don’t really say it. I show it to the people I love.
26:Meaning behind your Blogger name? Living Like V —> Living Like Vildana —> My life. 
27:Last book you read? I can’t remember if it was ”You Can Be the Happiest Woman in the World” – Dr.Aid El-Karni or Fortress – Mesa Selimovic…
28:The book you’re currently reading? /
29:Last show you watched? I’ve just start up the 18th episode of Teen Wolf, season 5.
30:Last person you talked to? My sister.
31: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Really good friends.
32: Favorite food? I’ve recently became ADDICTED to oatmeal and I don’t know why I hated it earlier.
33: Place you want to visit? Mekkah.
34: Last place you were? School lol.
35: Do you have a crush? If you don’t mean celebrity by the crush, no, I don’t.
36:Last time you kissed someone?  Yesterday? I don’t know.
37:Last time you were accused for something? I was accused for helping my friend on the test yesterday…
38:Who should answer these questions next? Anyone who came this far reading it! 

Thank you guys for reading this post! That was all for today guys!
 Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK). 
Thank you!
 I love you guys!

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  1. Oh what wonderful answers, dear. So nice to get to know you a bit, what a sweet lady and so fun! Fear of oblivion, wow, that is deep! My advice is just be yourself, listen to your heart and do what it says, and, when it is all over, I promise you that everyone you would ever want to remember you will do so with big smiles on their faces when they think of you. Life is truly that simple, ignore anyone who tells you different and there will be plenty. Great post! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  2. jako zanimljiv tag…mislim da se svi mi bojimo zaborava i prolaznosti, a i samo ovaj svijet (ne samo život) je prolazan…no ja ipak vjerujem da postoji ono što je neprolazno, pa kad to tako posložim sebi u glavi onda mi je lakše i čini mi se da ima više značenja u svijetu.

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