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Hello my dear readers!
How are you? I hope you are great!
You are probably thinking : ‘Another wishlist, again?’ but what can I do? Haha I love writing wishlist posts and I hope you don’t mind.
By the way, I think that the word ‘wishlist’ can be spelled like ‘wish list’, too. This time I wrote ‘wishlist’ but in previous posts I was writing ‘wish list’. I hope you don’t mind that,too.
This time, I’m writing about the items on my wish list from website called Choices .
I really love their website because it offers us everything you ever imagined to have in your wardrobe. Except clothes, on their site you can find shoes and accessories,too.
Check their site out if you want and let’s get into this…

1. White Quilting Patches Detail Long Sleeve Padded Bomber Jacket ( CLICK HERE! )
This jacket is so pretty and great for chilly spring days. The price is reasonable for this kind of jacket.

2. Blue Zip Up Long Sleeve Denim Bomber Jacket ( CLICK HERE! )
Bomber Jackets are so popular right now and I really like this one in blue. It’s on sale so hurry up!

3. Red Halter Mixed Folk Print Romper Playsuit ( CLICK HERE!)
I love playsuits but it’s so hard to find one without V-neck which I don’t really like. This one is super cute and great for the summer that’s around the corner now. I must admit that the price surprised me!

4. Blue Rip Frayed Hem Denim Overalls ( CLICK HERE!)
I love wearing ripped shorts and when you add the suspenders which I’m in love with it’s just… GOALS!

5. Black Thigh High Striped Sock ( CLICK HERE!)
Knee-lenght socks I want so bad are on sale now, go and check them out! They have those stripes at the top which makes them even more cute!

6. Black Cut Out Crochet Toe Ring Barefoot Sandals ( CLICK HERE!)
Couldn’t believe you can still buy sandals under $5! They are so cute!

7. Brown Weave Barrel Tassel Detail PU Satchel Bag ( CLICK HERE!)
In love with this brown bag!

8. Brown Tassel Embellished PU Satchel Bag ( CLICK HERE!)
I’m pretty into brown(ish) bags and purses although I prefer black color. What do you mean : does this bag looks prettier in this color on the photo or in black?

9. Black Half Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses ( CLICK HERE!)
I was never into cat eye sunglasses but I really do like these and the price is pretty surprising!

10. Silver Heartbeat Shape Chain Necklace ( CLICK HERE!)
I love the jewelry that actually means something. For me, this heartbeat necklace is a sign of a life, of the fact that no human being is going to avoid death and that your heartbeat can become a straight line in every second which leads us to the point where we should enjoy in our life, no matter how hard it is.

11. Black Lace Adjustable Chain Choker Necklace ( CLICK HERE!)
Believe me or not, I have never had a choker necklace that are really popular right now. The reason ? I don’t really like the ordinary ones, but I like this one on the photo down below!
Do you like it and do you have a choker necklace?

12. Gray Letter Print Short Sleeve T-shirt ( CLICK HERE!)
This T-shirt says : ‘Making Magic Happen’ which is basically the description of what I’m trying to do with my life haha.

13. Black Moon And Letter Print Dipped T-shirt ( CLICK HERE!)
You know that I am in love with moon because its beauty really fascinates me so this T-shirt is definitely on my wishlist!

14. White Shine Diamond Print Short Sleeve T-shirt ( CLICK HERE!)
This T-shirt has a really motivational beautiful message from Rihanna’s song and I’m in love with it! It’s on sale right now so be sure to check it out asap!

15. Black Letter Print Short Sleeve T-shirt ( CLICK HERE!)
‘Dream. Believe. Achieve.’ – it’s just showing the life circle so if you dream about something, believe you can do it, you will, I promise!

16. Black Deer Head And Letter Print Boyfriend T-shirt ( CLICK HERE!)
Last but not least – the cutest T-shirt ever! It says : ‘ OH DEER’ and I really can’t believe I found this, it’s so pretty and funny at the same time. My friend and I used to call each other ‘deer’ which meant ‘dear’ to us and this is it! I found it haha!

Wow, we came at the end of this long wishlist! I don’t really know how long I was writing this but believe me, it TOOK SOME TIME huuh and I’m so glad I’m done!
Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK).
 Thank you! I love you guys! 
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