Favoriti Februara | February Favourites

Favoriti februara su tema današnjeg posta! Nastavite čitati da saznate koji su se proizvodi našli na listi mojih favorita za ovaj mjesec! 

Pozdrav dragi moji i dobro došli u još jedan post na mom blogu. Kako ste? Nadam se da ste dobro. Ovaj post će za temu imati proizvode koji su moji favoriti februara. Pa da počemo…

Hello my loves and welcome to another post on my blog! 
How are you doing? Hope everything’s okay.
This one is going to be my February Favorites post  so let’s get into this, shall we? 

favoriti februara 2016 livinglikev

1. Labello lip balsam – I absolutely love this Labello and I carry it with me whenever I go. Must have for me and highly recommended. 

favoriti februara 2016 livinglikev

2.Farmasi My Style Nail polish – Love the color of this nail polish, it’s in the shade 20. And, believe it or not, this is the first nail polish I applied on the both of my hands by myself! Haha. Because it’s a quick dry nail polish, I can apply it on my own and it’s truly one of the best nail polishes I ever tried.

favoriti februara 2016 livinglikev

3.Rimmel Mascara – This is my sister’s haha but I use it, too. It’s really great mascara, I think it’s really affordable and yeah…

favoriti februara 2016 livinglikev

1.Ebelin Wet Wipes – They smell so nice and refreshing. I use them after my workout because you shouldn’t take a shower right when you finish your workout. 
I have read at the behind of those wipes that they are really good for travelling and for people who are practicing sport in any way. 

favoriti februara 2016 livinglikev

2.Violeta Tissues – How cute are those? My little sister gave them to me as a gift and their packaging is really cute. They sell those with a lot of different animals on the packaging but I’ve chose this cute giraffe. They smell amazing, too.

Violeta tissues are, also, made in my country and I’m trying my best to buy the products from my country more because in that way, I’m helping it to develop.

If you are able to buy any Bosnian product, please buy it because my country is not one of the developed countries so people don’t have opportunity to find a job and when they find it, they are not paid like they should be. If you are not able, please pray for the country that has survived a war 20+ years ago and it’s not recovering from it yet… 
I really needed to say this…

favoriti februara 2016 livinglikev

Rose ring and Beads bracelet – February was a month of minimalist jewelry for me. I’ve chose this ring and this beautiful beads bracelet which I gave the same to my best friend. 

favoriti februara 2016 livinglikev

1. Teas : Lipton, Franck and Niktea – I’ve chose this 3 teas which I’ve tried in February to suggest you to try them because they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 

2.O’cake cookies – These are my all time favorite integral cookies! 
I can’t even describe how delicious they are, you just need to try them!

That was all for today guys! 
Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK).
 Thank you!
 I love you guys!

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