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Hello beautiful people out there!
How are you? I hope you are doing well but if you are not…
Get EXCITED because I’m starting a new column called ” #MyViewToLife ” where I’ll be basically writing about everything I want and everything that crosses my mind. There are going to be 3 posts from this column that are going to be published 3 days in a row (today, tomorrow and the day after that, can’t say the names of the days because I don’t know when I’ll be publishing this, haha hope you get it).

Today’s theme is depression and sadness.
Hm… But why is the title ”It’s Okay To Be Sad” then? Ain’t I trying to get you out of your depressive thoughts and show you the happy version of this one and only life we have?
No. Of course I mean that but that’s not what is this all about.

We all are sad sometimes and that’s what makes us human. Pain, sadness and tears make us human. We would never recognize the happiness if we didn’t experience sadness. We would never appreciate smiles if we haven’t cry. We would never realize how blessed we are if we didn’t feel the pain.
That’s exactly what makes us perfectly imperfect because…
God chooses the strongest soldiers for the hardest battles.

Feeling sad? You are the chosen one! This is just a test. Pass it and you’ll enjoy the true happiness of this life. The award is really big and worth to fight for.

What makes you sad? Ask yourself this question. You’ll realize that you are doing something wrong and that’s totally fine. We all are doing something wrong at some parts of our lives but hey, we don’t just lay in the grave and say ”God please take me” because we are strong and we know we can do it through all of that.

Don’t let anyone to be the cause of your depression.
He/She tells you that you are stupid, nerd, fat, too skinny, ugly etc.?
Let them say what they want and just DON’T REACT.
DON’T let them feel like they successfully did their mission. What mission? To make you sad and depressed. But why? Because not everyone is good like you. They enjoy watching other people suffer and they don’t care about no one but themselves. Let those people talk what they want and just walk away. Let them suffer because they didn’t get the reaction they expected.

It’s okay to have a bad day and cry all day. We don’t cry for one thing, we cry when a lot of things that were bothering us and made us stressed get a little too much.
Go ahead, play sad songs and cry an ocean.
But tomorrow… You’ll be smiling like nothing has happened because… I don’t want you to cry because you cried thinking that you are weak.
Weak ones don’t cry. They pretend they are strong and everything but they can’t let it go. They are the ones who make everything a big deal and don’t want to be weak (what they really are) IN FRONT OF SOME PEOPLE because they are scared they’ll judge them.
Oh man, I hate the ones that are saying ”Why are you always crying for everything?!” looking directly to your eyes and laughing. They are the WEAK ones.

When something is too important to me and it doesn’t turn the way I want I just can’t even cry anymore. And that’s my problem! I wish I could cry and get it all out of me but I just can’t.
I’m just a girl who realized that people are not the way you think they are. I’ve been disappointed so many times and I… I say ”I forgive you” and I really do but when I say that without arguing and all the drama… You mean nothing to me now.
You disappoint me – I let you go.
You forget me – I forgot that you existed.
You hurt me – I make the pain unfeeling.

I’m just 14 years old guys and I can tell that I’ve disappointed in 4-5 best friends I had. They lied to me, they pretend to be what they are not, they humiliated me and you know… Just one drop overflows the glass of water and I let them go. And I can proudly say that I was depressive and that I cried many times but also, I’m proudly saying that I don’t even feel a thing for them now even when I’m writing about them.
You have to realize who loves you and just… Don’t let those people go! Love them more but never show them all the love you have for them.
That’s my advice to you.
It was great talking with you guys like this.

Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK).
 Thank you!
 I love you guys!

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  1. amazing post sweety i did enjoy reading this you are so mature for your age i hope your words inspires someone out there or even someone who might be going through this same thing.

  2. This is a strong, powerful and important message. So proud of you for sharing it in such a beautiful and personal way. Feeling our feelings, whether we think they are good or bad, is so important to staying mentally healthy. And also great words about bullies. They are sad people who want to make others just like them instead of looking at themselves. Ignoring them is the best way to handle it. You are such a great writer and very wise! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  3. Duboka tuga je kvalitetniji osjećaj od površne sreće i može nas naučiti puno više o nama samima. Ljudi se danas boje suočiti s tugom u sebi, a tako je samo povećaju…umjesto da se zapitaju zašto su doista tužni, ljudi taj osjećaj ignoriraju..a to nikuda ne vodi. Odličan post!

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