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Hello my dear readers!
How are you? I hope you are doing well and that’s everything okay.
Today, I’m going to be writing the second post from my new column called ”#MyViewToLife” and, this time, I decided to talk about something that’s bothering me for a long time now and it’s…
Prejudices about bloggers!

We are witnesses of this digital era where we have people who are WORKING as bloggers, vloggers etc. Sounds crazy, ha? Yes, you can do it, you can work on your own blog and get paid to write about everything that crosses your mind. Isn’t that insane?
But now you are thinking that every blogger and every vlogger on this planet Earth makes money just by writing and taking a few photos everyday while you are sweating on your job getting less paid than them. NO! THAT’S NOT THE TRUTH!
I’m a blogger. Yes, I can can myself like that. I don’t have to be popular or have a blog with million views daily to call myself a blogger. I’m the member of the Blogger page. I have my account where I’ve made my blog. I write on my blog about everything I want and that’s it. If you write a blog – you are a blogger. It’s like you say an engineer ”You are not the engineer” because he isn’t getting a profit from his business/company or whatever but he HAS his DIPLOMA like we have out profile. So he’s the engineer and we are the bloggers.
Hm… I was talking about getting paid.
I’m not getting paid yet for my blog and I don’t think I’ll be getting paid for it, at least, in the closer future because I have not that much followers or views. But if someone told me that he/she would like to pay me for continuing writing on my blog, I mean, why not?
You cannot judge the people who have succeed in this ”job” because you didn’t.
We are all created with a gift to do something great but we just have to discover it.
I’m not saying you should start your blog to earn money because your readers will notice it in the way you write and that… That should not be the reason you start your blog! My blog is my passion, love and hobby.

Besides that we have a lots of other prejudices. First that I can remember right now is that all bloggers are always perfect, 24 hours wearing marked/branded clothes,their makeup is always #onfleek, their Instagram photos are #goals and you know… Everything GOALS. Haha, maybe for other bloggers this is true but for me… Not at all. I love fashion but I still love my sweatpants and comfort I get wearing them.
I love taking photos but I’m not always (most of the times) pretty enough to post them on Instagram or other social medias.

There are a lot of prejudices about bloggers and we are just the normal people so I don’t get it why they think we are something different and that we are conceited or something like that? No, we are just the people who want to share their stories and tips for other people to HELP them , NOT TO BRAG or make them jealous.

I hope we’ve made this thing clear haha.

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 Thank you!
 I love you guys!

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  1. Vjeruj draga nisi mogla izabrati bolju temu za post! Stvarno toliko puno predrasuda za blogerke ima da je to nenormalno.Jedna od predrasuda je isto kao,ona se slika za blog i zaradjuje od toga,kao da je to nesto,mogu i ja to-Moj odgovor na ovakve stvari je uvijek pa hajde,eto,slikaj se i ti!
    Takodje jedna od predrasuda je isto i da su blogerke glupe,da znaju samo o modi i nista drugo,mislim da gluplju predrasudu nisam cula!!

    • Hvala ti puno draga! Slažem se sa svim što si napisala, jednostavno nekada me iznenadi koliko ljudska glupost doseže takvim izjavama ali opet se sjetim da ne može svako shvatiti ni čak i ako mu nacrtaš + obojiš. Najbolje je pustiti da misle da su upravu, svakako svi koji slušamo znamo da nisu haha . <3

  2. Odlican post draga! Super si ovo napisala i u potpunosti si u pravu,dosta ljudi ima predrasude za blogerice ili ih pak ismijava..Jako si lijepo to napisala 🙂

  3. Spot on ! Don't worry Vildana , it will takes a time and yet (actually I'm quite shock about your age) , you are still young . There's definitely have a place for you in the future. Furthermore , judge from the photos you looks so beautiful ! . You know what, the age gaps between you and me about 6 years . I'm 20 , you're 14 . In the age of 14 I don't know how to blog yet . All I know is "make a goat eyebrows with a marker pen" , I make it him more like human . That is so "Anime" . Haha . I think it's just me , it's like this post pointing out to me because of "Engineering" thing haha but yet it's still a nice post .

    • Thank you very much for reading my post! Yes, I'm pretty young but I love writing so… My ages say nothing about myself, they don't define me or the way I think! 🙂

  4. Having returned from my first weekend off blogging in over a month and sat at my laptop since 6am trying to catch up in my pyjamas, I can totally agree with everything you said here, lovely! Fab post 🙂 x

    Viva Epernay

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