Proljetna Wishlista – PART 1

Proljetna wishlista je naslov i tema novog posta na mom blogu! Nastavite čitati!

Pozdrav dragi moji i dobro došli u novi post na mom blogu čija je tema moja proljetna wishlista tj. stvarčice i odjevni predmeti koje želim kupiti za proljeće.

Hello my dear readers! How are you doing? This week has been pretty stressful for me, I have had a lot of tests and exams but I’m not pleased about my results. However, I’ve learned that I don’t need an award for my knowledge. My knowledge is an award by itself. And just one tip for you guys before we hop into this post would be to NEVER CHOSE A GRADE BEFORE YOUR FRIENDS. Never! I have always been the girl who would help everyone on a test or exam and I still am but I’ve realized that not all of my colleagues are like that and that they really care about being the best in the class than being my friend and I don’t really blame them, it’s their choice but… I’m a bit disappointed and I just… Middle school ending got me realizing that everyone is not that good like I used to think about them and that’s really disappointing and painful but I’m strong and I mean… If they can live without me, I can live without them, too!
But let’s get into this post…
For today’s post, I’ve prepared you my spring wish list. I just want to say that I’m not sponsored for this post or anything so please don’t get me wrong. I’m doing this just for an inspiration for you and for me guys!

proljetna wishlista

Podijelila sam ovaj post u dva dijela – jedan za odjeću, cipele i nakit a drugi za kozmetiku i šminku! Ovaj će biti o odjeći, cipelama i nakitu pa da pogledamo…

I’ve divided this post for two parts – one for clothes, shoes and jewelry and one for beauty and makeup products! This one is going to be about clothes,shoes and jewelry so let’s get into this…

proljetna wishlista

1.CRNE CONVERSICE – Želim par ovakvih starki već odavno i budući da sam sama sebi obećala da ću kupovati tene u crnim i bijelim bojama od sada jer je jako teško kombinovati outfit ako imate obuću u nekim drugim bojama pa mislim da su crne Conversice odličan izbor! Proljetna wishlista započinje ovim starkama.

1. BLACK CONVERSE – I’ve been wanting a pair of these for so long and since I’ve promised myself to buy just black and white shoes from now because it’s so hard to put on outfit if you have colorful shoes, I think those are great! I want to wear Converses on my prom so I hope I’ll buy them! 
proljetna wishlista
2.i 3. MAJICE SA NATPISOM – Proljetna wishlista se nastavlja majicama iz Stradivariusa sa slatkim natpisima. Jako mi se dopada ovakav tip majica!
 2. ORGANIC COTTON TOP – I’m always for graphic T-shirts! Haha I love the text on this one : ‘ Morning ReMINDer : You’re BEAUTIFUL ‘
This one is from Stradivarius
proljetna wishlista
3. ORGANIC COTTON TOP – Yes, another one! How can you not put this on your wish list? This T-shirt is so cute! It says : THaNK-ing about YOU . Hope you get the poent because I can’t really write it here like it’s written on this T-Shirt.
Also from Stradivarius.
proljetna wishlista
4. CRNI NOVČANIK– Treba mi novi novčanik i želim upravo neki klasični sa zlatnim kopčanjem poput ovoga na slici! Ovaj je iz Bershke.
4. BLACK WALLET – I need a new wallet and I want a classic one with golden zip just like the one on the photo up there! 
This one is from Bershka
proljetna wishlista
5.ZLATNI BOHO SET NAUŠNICA – Znate da sam veliki ljubitelj nakita i naušnica pa se moja proljetna wishlista završava ovim boho setom naušnica iz Bershke. 
5. SILVER BOHO EARRING SET – You know that I’m a big jewelry lover and this boho earring set is just the cutest! I want it so bad! 
This one is from Bershka.
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Hvala vam! Volim vas sve puno!
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 Thank you! I love you guys!
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  1. It sounds like you are learning some of the lessons in school that will stay with you the longest and teach you the most, nothing found in any book but in the hearts of people. So rare are the good ones, like you dear, and that is why I am so happy to support and know you even a little 🙂 Great fashion choices, very good taste! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  2. I like how your perspective on knowledge is. You have a fair point there Vildana. And I like your taste in clothes. I also like to wear t-shirts and converse 🙂

    Let's be friends!

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