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Hello my dear readers! For today’s post I’ve prepared study life hacks to share with you. Note : I haven’t try them all and I’m not 100% sure they work but I’ll definitely try them. I found all of those on Internet and I think they are pretty much working very well but I’m not guaranteeing they are working. Just to make sure you know that and let’s get into this now! Hope this will be helpful for you and if you want more posts like this one, be sure to let me know down below!

  • Memorizing problems? Read it 10 times, say it 10 times and write it 2 times.
  •  Trying to find essays for school? Stop using, use .
  • is a website which makes song sound like it’s raining. It’s great to listen while studying.
  • Photo Math is an app which is basically solving your math problems! You just need to write it down and take a photo of it.
  • Eating chocolate while studying Math can improve your Math skills. 
  • Be a teacher! No, seriously! If you pretend like you are teaching someone the material you are studying, it will make it fun and much easier for you.
  • 7. Take notes in colors to remember them better.
  • Try chewing the same gum while studying and while taking the test. The same thing works with perfumes. 
  • Take breaks every 25 minutes. 
  • Quizlet appears to be an online interactive flash card site. It’s basically a community-based site so not only you can use your own flashcards but you can,also, use the ones other people have made. 

I hope this post was helpful to you and you’ve enjoyed! 
One more note : I’m trying my best to post my own photos and I hope you like that photo up there ! 
I love you!
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  3. This is such a great post for especially those who are in school but it can also be applied to everyday life as well in some cases.

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