Photos & Special Gift From Spain

Hello my dear readers!
As I promised in previous posts I’m going to share with you a couple of photos that my sister took on her school trip to Spain. Their main destination was Spain but she visited France and Italy,too.
At the end of this post, I’m going to show you one of gifts that I got from her. Other gifts are clothes but I’ll show you that in next posts.
So let’s enjoy the photos…

*Giorgio Armani’s shop and CÉLINE behind*
*love is in the air*
Some of the photos are a little bit blurry and I’m sorry for that. 
These are just a few ones I picked up to show you!
Hope you liked that. And this is the special gift…
A notebook/planner/journal! I wanted this thing for so long and I’m so thankful to my dear sister! 
‘Nunca Dejes De Sonar’ means ‘Never stop dreaming’ which is so cute!
I’ll do a post all about this notebook and I will show you everything about it. I’m really not sure for what I’m going to use it yet, because my school is almost over now and it’d be stupid to make it a planner now. I’ll wait till the next school year, maybe. 
Wanna hear your thoughts about these photos and I wonder if you had visited Spain, Italy or France and did you like it? 
I love you!


  1. Slike su bozanstvene, nemam reci <333 Bas si nam lepo docarala izgled Spanije, sve pohvale za tebe 🙂 Poklon je predivan i pre svega jako koristan i predivan. Vidi se da si se bas potrudila da post bude kvalitetan i to je jako lepo od tebe draga moja <3 <3

  2. I ja sam na ekskurzija bila u Španjolskoj, a prolazili smo kroz Italiju i Francusku ( i Montecarlo) pa smo i te zemlje malo vidjeli. To je nekakva standardna ruta, ali meni se baš svidjela i da mi je opet 18 isto bi putovanje odabrala.

    Lijepe fotografije i baš ti je divan planer poklonila…Nikad se nemoj odreći snova- baš lijepa poruka!

  3. It looks similar to city where I've been. Very nice, I loved Spain's sand beaches ♥ You have a such kind sister to bring you gifts! 🙂

    Have a nice day~

  4. Thank you so much Vildana!! 🙂 The checked pants are also very comfy and they don't get any wrinkles, which is a plus! 😉 I've already tried more combinations with them, so I think you be seeing them soon again, hehe. On the other hand, I hope your sister enjoyed her stay at my country! 😀 Happy day! Kss

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  5. Such beautiful photos and that journal looks amazing! I LOVE cute notebooks and journals! Also, those statues are so interesting!

    I just followed your blog, if you want to follow me back 🙂

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