Things Middle School Taught Me

Hello my loves!
I’m finally back on track with my blog posts! So I’ve finished the middle school on Thursday and we’ve had like a little trip to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is Sarajevo on Friday.
I must admit that I’ll miss everything but especially my friends which I’m really, really afraid to lose since everyone is saying ”You’ll find new friends in high school and you need to understand that, for a couple months, you won’t even say hello to your middle school friends”. I can’t accept that! Why should we end up like everyone before us and forget each other? NO. I understand that we are going to go to different high schools but that doesn’t mean that I’ll suddenly forget everything we’ve survived together or that I’ll find new friends which I’m going to love more than my best ones from middle school. I believe we can make it through high school without moving away from each other.

I’m writing this post to share with you some things I learned through middle school so here they are :

  1. DO NOT FIGHT WITH THE PEOPLE YOU DON’T LIKE. Just don’t. It’s such a waste of time! When I was in 6th and 7th grade I’ve always been fighting with some girls from my school and evern from my class because I didn’t like their behavior and now, I realized that not everyone agrees with me and with my opinion on how should someone behave. Not all people are good but that doesn’t mean that you or me should get into quarrel because of that. Like I said, it’s such a waste of time so make friends with the people you like and the other ones – just forget about them! This also includes teacher because I cannot even tell you how much I was fighting with my teachers. And trust me, no matter what they say, it DOES affect on your marks so please don’t be me and just ignore your teachers if they are telling the things you do not agree with.
  2. LEAVE A GOOD IMPRESSION ON THE BEGINNING. Well, this is really important! In my school it was like this : we go to one school till the 6th grade, and then, from 6th to 9th grade we go to bigger school. Let me explain myself with this example : when I started 6th grade I didn’t really study (I still don’t haha) but I’d always listen to the teachers when they are telling the lessons. So I started being pretty active on class, I’d always lift my hand and tell the answers even on the questions nobody knew. So that made me straight A’s student in teachers’ eyes and till the 9th I had the privileges when I didn’t study at all , I’d get very good grades because of my activity on class. So leave a good impressions on the beginning!
  3. HAVE FUN BEFORE IT ENDS. Okay, this is the most important thing ever! Don’t worry about your grades to much (like I did till 8th grade) and enjoy the moments spent with your closest friends. Because, when it all ends, you’ll just have memories. Are you going to remember middle school about good or bad things – it’s your choice. 
That was all for today. I hope you like this post, I’ve never actually read something similar. I mean, I’ve seen these posts for high school but not actually for middle school.
To those who are still in middle school – enjoy it! 
Thanks for reading!
I love you!
Bye, V


  1. You are right Vildana, you do not have to lose your middle school friends just because you are moving onto high school. I have two best friends that I've been best friends with since 6th grade. we went to separate high schools, but you know what, I'm 20 now, in college, and I just spent the weekend at her house. It is up to you to keep in touch with your friends, in every stage of your life.

  2. Divni savjeti… Učenje na satu je najbolji način učenja jer je najlakše i ostavlja puno više slobodnoga vremena. Lakše je slušati na satu i tako učiti, nego morati sve učiti sam kući…tako sam i ja uvijek radila…i naravno da prijateljstva ne trebaju završiti s nekim novim razdobljem u životu, ima puno ljudi koji su prijateljstva iz osnovne škole zadržali doslovno do duboke starosti.

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