What’s On My Phone?!

Hello my loves!
How are you doing? Hope you are okay! So for today’s post I’m going to be showing you what’s on my phone. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Core II and all the photos are screenshots.
So I hope you’ll like this post and let’s get into this!

This is my lock screen, this wallpaper actually moves but you can’t see it (logically) haha…
And this is what happens when I unlock my screen. So these are the apps I use the most : Candy Camera, Photo Grid for editing my photos, this Shadow Galaxy app which I downloaded today and it’s basically the app where you get this galaxy wallpaper behind but it moves which is pretty cool and I love it, definitely recommended, app called Vaktija.ba which is the app for reminding me of doing my daily Muslim prayers, then just Viber, Messenger, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook which are the must-have social medias these days haha. Uuups didn’t realized I put my Vaktija.ba app two times on the first page, please don’t mind that. 
Just something every mobile phone has…
And here are also some apps I didn’t mentioned like Quran Reading and Battery Doctor. Both highly recommended. This app Quran Reading is the app where you can download mp3 Quran verses and the Battery Doctor app which is pretty awesome. 
I used to go to sleep with 100% battery and wake up with 5% and that was driving me nuts literally until I downloaded this app which was the life saver for me!
So that was all for this post! Hope you all like it and that I gave you some suggestions for the apps you should install if you haven’t already. I love the fact that mobile phones these days can offer you a lot with mobile apps who cannot only breathe for you, everything else is available haha. 
Thanks for reading!
Love you all! 
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  1. danas se stvarno mogu skinuti svakakve korisne stvari na mobitel, ja imam jednu knjigu i baš mi dobro dođe da imam što čitati i kada nemam wifi u blizinu:)

    • Slažem se! I ja sam čitala ''Krive su zvijezde'' knjigu preko mobitela jer je nisam mogla pronaći u svom gradu. Zaista postoji bezbroj mogućnosti koje nam pružaju mobiteli u današnje vrijeme!

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