Month: June 2016


Ramadan 2016 To-Do List

Hello my lovely readers! I know that we all sometimes feel lost and don’t know what to do with our lives and that’s why I love to-do lists. I wanted to share with you a couple posts about Ramadan this year, for all Muslims and non-Muslims who read my blog. It’s always great to find […]


Shopping at Apparel Candy

Apparel Candy is a lovely web shop where you can get cute clothing items! Keep reading to find out more about it! Hello my dear readers! I have been asked several times which web shops are the best and here comes the answer : you should always buy on web shops like because they offer […]


Meet the Ramadan

Hello my dear readers and As-salamu alaykum! My goal with this blog is to, besides enjoying writing, help you get to know with unknown concepts and things you might want to know about. That’s the reason why I’m writing this post – to help you to meet the Ramadan. What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the […]