Ramadan 2016 To-Do List

Hello my lovely readers!
I know that we all sometimes feel lost and don’t know what to do with our lives and that’s why I love to-do lists. I wanted to share with you a couple posts about Ramadan this year, for all Muslims and non-Muslims who read my blog. It’s always great to find something new about the topic you don’t really know much about, although you feel like you won’t need that knowledge because you are not Muslim, but every single thing a man learns on this world will make him richer. If you want to know the basics of Ramadan and the answers on the most frequent questions, read my Meet the Ramadan post. For this post, I decided to share with you my To-Do list for this Ramadan so let’s see…

1. FINISH READING QURAN. Since this is a month of revelation of Quran, I want to finish reading it in the Ramadan. I found this plan on Internet and I’m going to share it with you :

The Quran has appx.600 pages. If you read 4 pages after every salah, you’ll read 20 pages every day,And you’ll complete reading Quran in 30 days.
2. MAKE A HABIT OF PRAYING ON TIME AND PRAY MORE. I do pray 5 times a day but I didn’t get a habit to pray on time yet and sometimes I even forget to pray. I think Ramadan is a great time to change that. And ohh, I want to pray more Nawafil (optional) prayers.
3. READ MORE BOOKS. Acquiring new knowledge is a very important action in Islam religion so one more thing on my to-do list is to read more books. I found a few of my dad’s books and they are all on Bosnian so these are the titles when I translate them on English (you have a photo up there) ; 
‘Allah is with the patient ones’ , ‘Bašeskija’s last record’  and ‘Azrael’s eye’. 
I’m not sure if I’m going to read all three of them because but I’ll try.
4. TALK LESS, THINK MORE. I really do talk a lot but I really want to change it somehow. It’s not like I talk bad things but I want to talk less about other people and start thinking about myself, what I do wrong and start to change it.
5. ENJOY THE MONTH OF FORGIVENESS. I’m going to enjoy in this month, in shaa Allah, and I will seek Allah for forgiveness everyday. This month is a chance for all of us to change , to start being better persons, practicing our religion and start enjoying being Muslim.
It’s really so emotional for me to talk about this but umhh… Don’t you ever think you could be born like someone else? Maybe like another sex, in another religion or something else? There’s a reason why you are what you are! There’s basically a reason for everything! I think a lot about the fact that I’m born as a Muslim and I’m so thankful for that because I feel like God loves all of us but He has guided just some of us. Isn’t that fascinating? To be someone who knows and who believes in truth! I don’t know if it’s just me but when I realize this, I feel special somehow…
Please don’t think I’m hating on those of you who are not Muslims, I’m just sharing my thoughts with you. 
I’ve said a lot in this post, what is and what’s not related to it, actually but I felt like I need to write a post like this. I really hope you like it. 
Let me know if you are planning to do something special in Ramadan or if you are not Muslims, maybe you are planning to do something in this month? Let me know.
And for the end RAMADAN MUBARAK to all of you brothers and sisters out there. 
Sending all of you a lots of hugs and kisses.
I love you! 


  1. Tvoja lista je super, u nekim stavkama sam se i sama pronasla 😀 Ovakavi postovi su mi bas zanimljivi, a ti se odlicno snalazis u njima <3 Nemam ni jednu zamerku, bravo za tebe draga moja :*

  2. Once again a great post hun! I found the best way to finish the Quran is by seeing how many pages are there in total then dividing it by the number of days in which you want to finish the Quran. Then that's the number of pages you should aim to read a day. It can be very hard but the award is huge 🙂
    Lots of love,
    Ramsha | Rose

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