Life Update : Things I’ve Been Obsessed With Lately

Hello my loves and oh.. That’s a big title up there which would probably lead you to the conclusion that this post is probably going to be really long but I just wanted to sit down a little bit and talk about the things I love, things I’m obsessed with, my desires and wishes and just share that with you to hear what you think about all of that.

Let’s start with my latest obsessions.
We’ll you probably know I’m a huge TV shows lover so guess what?! I’ve found the show that’s basically a life to me right now. I’m so overwatching (if that’s even a word) and I simply don’t care because guys It’s so good!
It’s called The Originals and most of you probably know about it but I just recently found about it and I didn’t regret starting to watch it. Surprisingly I’m on season 1 still but I’ll be done with the whole show in probably a week from now haha.
I don’t want to discover you details about it because it’d totally ruin your experience so I’m highly suggesting you to start watching The Originals.
Also, I’m watching Scream now and I’m so excited about the new episode I’m about to watch.
This post would probably scare you because I’m too excited about fictional things but I just don’t have life haha jk or not, I’m not sure anymore but I just love shows like these ones and I enjoy watching them sometimes more than living that ‘real life’.

One interesting fact : I think I didn’t posted on Instagram for a couple of days which is really weird for me and unusual but I’ll probably post something when I finish writing this post so be sure to follow me on Instagram : @vildanasuta . I literally follow back everyone with cute and beautiful photos.

Let me tell you about my another obsession : listening to music of course but I don’t want to talk much about my favorites right now because I already have post on my blog about that – check it out here if you want!
I feel music is truly a gift to humanity because when I either feel sad, depressed or just you know , low , I listen to music and it kind of brings me back , makes me feel better a lot.

While I was thinking about what to write today, before I came on this idea, I wanted to do some online shopping so I was searching for good website which provides deals, coupon codes and things like that. I found really interesting one and I got to the idea to write post about hacks or tips for online shopping which I think would be really helpful to you guys so if you want to know more about that be sure to let me know down bellow that you want me to publish a post about that.

Also, some youtubers inspired me to start planning my first back to school series of posts on my blog which I’m really excited about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not excited about school , I mean who is ? But I get excited when I need to go school supplies or clothes shopping so I’ll be sharing with you my journey to get ready for 2016-17 school year. If you want me to actually write those kind of posts be sure to include #BTSWithLivingLikeV in your comments down bellow and if you have any ideas for that posts also write me down bellow or on Twitter with that hashtag. My Twitter is @LivingLikeV.

So I think that was all I wanted to share with you today! Hope you’ve enjoyed in this post and yeah, don’t forget to write me down bellow your suggestions, ideas, wishes etc. about the ideas I mentioned in this post.
Thank you so much for reading! I love you all!
*photo is not mine. it’s from wehearit*


  1. Jako zanimljiv post draga 🙂 Ja sam toliko pohvala i divnih reci slusala o seriji ,,The Originals'', ali nikako da je licno pogledam. Citajuci tvoj post sam resila da uskoro zapocnem gledanje ove serije, tako da ti mnooogo hvala na inspiraciji 😀 Sto se tice muzike, totalno te razumem, ja sam bukvalno njen zavisnik haha 😀 Inace, ja puno, puuuuno volim BTS postove i jedva cekam da ova nasa blogosfera bude preplavljena ovom serijom postova 🙂 Bravo za tebe i tvoj trud! <33333

  2. Jaoj, ja se svake godine strašno radujem kupovini školskog pribora. To što više ne idem u školu me neće sprečiti da ga i dalje kupujem. 😀 Samo što ću sada umesto u avgustu kupovinu obaviti u septembru. 😀 Inače, navukla si me na neke pesme iz svog poslednjeg posta u kome si pisala o pesmama koje slušaš haha. :**

    • I jaaa, to mi je jedino čemu se radujem što se tiče škole! 😀
      Ajoooj drago mi je to čuti jer rijetki zapravo imaju isti ukus što se tiče muzike kao ja ! Hvala ti na komentaru <3 <3

  3. sigurna sam da će ti postovi koje planiraš napisati o online kupovini biti zanimljivi…danas nam je stvarno ta kupovina preko interneta olakšanja i svašta se može pronaći.

    Ja ove godine nisam pratila nijednu seriju, čekam neku koja će baš osvojiti.

    • Nadam se iskreno da će vam ti postovi biti zanimljivi . A što se tiče serija, ne znam da li voliš serije istog žanra kao ja ali ako si ljubitelj horora, misterija i fikcije, preporučujem ti Teen Wolf, Scream i The Originals. 🙂

  4. Super post draga!^^ ❤
    Mislim da bi apsolutno trebala napisati post o online shoppingu jer bi to moglo puno ljudi pomoći,tako da,yes to that haha.❤ ❤ ❤


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