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Hello my loves and welcome to another post on my blog! 
This time, we’re gonna talk about what was happening with me in past weeks. 
Well, as you probably know, Ramadan is over now. The last couple of days of this blessed month , I was preparing for Eid and spending some time with my friends who I get to hang out only in Ramadan, rarely other times of the year, because we all go to different schools and we don’t have time for each others through the school year.
I was feeling really sad because Ramadan is going to be over in just a few days, so I hadn’t inspiration for blogging. I hope you’ll understand it. The 3rd day of Eid which was yesterday, my first cousin had a wedding so I needed to prepare for that,too. The problem was that I had ordered dresses for my sister and me and I was expecting them to be shipped to my house a few days ago. But they didn’t. And that made me upset because I needed to buy another dress. So I went to buy another one, but I really didn’t like any of them but I knew I had to buy one, I can’t just go in jeans and T-shirt. So I bought this green one with lace around my waist and it was like see-through material on the bottom which I didn’t liked so my Mom saved the whole thing doing some changes on the dress and I was really happy with it! 
I really had a great time on Eid. I was always hanging out with my friends, we really enjoyed spending time with each other joking and laughing all the time.
Finally, the wedding has came and I took some great photos (which is the most important thing haha) which I’ll be sharing with you on Instagram and maybe in the next post. But be sure to follow me on Instagram , my username is @vildanasuta and I’ll follow you back (self-promo haha). 
I literally can’t believe it’s July! SCARING FACT : The summer will be over in just 2 months!
My sisters’ 18th b-day is on the 10th of July and I really hope she’ll get the things I ordered for her in a couple of days. 
And oh, one more information about me : I don’t know what to do with my life anymore! I’m just sitting here waiting for new episodes of Teen Wolf and Scream… When you are the only teen in your narrower environment who is obsessed with supernatural creatures (mostly werewolves) and serial killers, you feel like you have no one to talk with about these things and that makes me feel lonely sometimes… Haha okay, this was too much. 
I have my blog Stalia is BAE when I get to talk about these things with you.
So I think that was all what was going with my life in past several weeks. I can’t really remember anything else… I’m not really that interesting that I get too much things going on in the same time so… That’s just me haha.
And oh, I’ve noticed something : I’m losing my GFC followers and I don’t know why is that? Because of my inactivity? I had 205 followers and now I have 203. You two people who have unfollowed me , you are skipping too much fun and I need to put this emoji here 😛 
So that was all for today’s post! I’m preparing you some great posts in the future so stay tuned for that! Thank you for reading and I love you so much!


  1. još samo dva mjeseca ljeta…vrijeme stvarno leti, ja bi voljela da ljeto potraje još šest mjeseci, ali onda to ne bi bilo to i ne bi bilo slatko da nije kratko.

    Bravo za mamu što je spasila stvar s haljinom, baš je grozno kada u dućanu ne možemo pronaći ništa za sebe.

  2. Happy Eid! I am surprised you're the only teen into the supernatural/werewolf/serial killer stuff as those genres have been hugely popular for a while now with Dexter and Twilight and Teen Wolf. At least you have your blog as a place to discuss your favourite topics! Xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  3. Lovely post Sweety we all need a little break sometimes, i will always be here when you get back and i cant wait for teen wolf to start again im an adult and i love it. It great that your summer is going good, dont feel bad that you cant relate to people around you that just makes you unique and special.Dont let the two lost followers get to you im sure you will gain lots more so the two lost is their loss.
    Have an amazing weekend

  4. That's awesome you got to catch up and hangout with your friends 🙂 happy birthday to your sister!
    I can't wait to see photos of your dress that your mom fixed!
    The way you describe your obsessions with TV is hilarious; in any other context it would be alarming to say you are obsessed with serial killers hahaha and I get you on the whole obsession thing. I've been bingewatching Grey's Anatomy lately like crazy, and I'm trying to slow down to not go through them so fast. But it's hard!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

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