Are Bloggers Loyal To Their Readers?

Hello my loves and welcome to another post!
I was inspired to do a post about how much are ACTUALLY bloggers loyal to their readers by the fact that a lot of people make blogs today just and only for the money they could possibly get as being a blogger.
I hate that fact and I hope people will realize that this isn’t about money, collaborations or the free stuff we get.
It’s about being able to share your talent, inspire people, have an interesting hobby you actually love and just being yourself.
I know I’ll never change my style of blogging. You know I’ve been the same from the beginning to now although I’ve got the chance to collab with many brands, some better than others and you know that I’ve always been honest with you, guys.
I will never be able to be a person who will lie for money and sell its hobby which presents joy to me just because I could get free stuff.
When I got the chance, I like to use it. Am I being a bad blogger or a bad person because of that, or any other of my fellow bloggers? I don’t think so. 
We’ve all worked too hard to make something out of our blogs and we’ll never ever sell our loyalty to you guys, to our lovely readers!
I care much more about what would I think about myself when I publish a post than what a random brand would think about me. I care about if I would feel like a liar or like I’ve betrayed you after I publish a post and you need to know that. You, also, know that all of my reviews from web shops are 100% honest and I always tell you if I do or don’t recommend it, if it is quality item etc.


Why? Because your readers will recognize it and bum – suddenly, you’ll have no audience to write for!

I’d like every blogger who sees this post to write a post on the same topic! 
That way, we would spread the word about this and would stop the ones who want just money to make a blog and bloggers would get more appreciated in the world. 
Thanks for reading, I love you all!


  1. I agree! You can tell who's in it for the money and who does it for fun and because they want to! I only read blogs I feel are honest and genuine nothing worse than reading a post that someone wrote just for the sake of it! x


  2. I totally agree with you, I use to follow some blogs before i just recently started blogging but right now everyone is doing it for the money and forgetting blogging is a passion. Principles before money yeah. And most of the offer aren't that worthy to take a space on my blog. I have actually decline some offer. Wonderful post dear. Hope more bloggers think the same way you do or even get to read this.


  3. Great post. Exactly why a lot of people stop writing a blog, when they see it doesn't bring them as much money or free products as they would like.

    I'd love to see my blog grow and I'd love it to be my job, but I wouldn't change for anything on the world, since we all know how hard it is to find someone that's honest today – most bloggers just suck up to the brands they get free products from, which is a sad reality.


  4. I agree completely! I know I started my blog for all the wrong reasons but I had to take a break and think about what I really want for my blog. I may have started it for the fame and fortune but that did not really work for me. I realized I enjoy blogging because I get to write and share my experiences – not to make money. Yes, I have collaborated with brands but I have always given my honest review and opinion about them. I will say honestly if the quality is subpar or if they are a multi-level marketing company. Blogging should be fun and genuine without the pressure of fame and fortune. The latter is just a perk but should not be the reason for blogging. 🙂

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  5. A big thumbs up for this post Vidana, i do hope some of those type of bloggers see this post, it also make this bad for us as good bloggers and sometimes make them not want to read out blog because they might think we are all the same when its not so, its nice to shed some light on this topic
    have a lovely week

  6. Amazing post, you're right I think that if someone want to make some adverts on blog they must feel like they are true, because it's not hard to write a post about something that we don't believe in and end up with readers turning from us, because they want old content back 🙂

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