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Let’s say it together : HELLO AUGUST!

It’s really weird how the time passes by so fast, like it was the July 1st just a few minutes ago.
July was a really beautiful month and I’ll always remember the special moments that happened in this month.
To say hello to August, we need to say goodbye to July so I decided to do one of the ‘Instagram posts’ I saw other bloggers do every month.
INSTAGRAM : @vildanasuta
July 1st was the day when I got this beautiful necklace and rings from Zaful and I was so happy about that! As you probably know, the Eid was on the July 5th and I celebrated it with my family and friends (photos 3 and 5). The third day of Eid was the wedding of my first cousin (photos 4 and 9). The July 10th was the birthday of my older sister and we really had fun celebrating it (photo 6). 
After that, the saddest day has arrived – July 11th. On July 11th 1995 happened the genocide on Bosniak people in Srebrenica. I didn’t go to Srebrenica but I’m planning to do it the next year. On that day, Bosniaks and other good people wanted to remind the world that we are never going to forget what happened in Srebrenica. I wrote about that in details on my blog, and if you want to read it click here
One photo with my sister and our friends on her birthday. The second one was taken on the wedding day with my little sister. The third photo is found on the Internet but I had to post it on Instagram, you probably already know how much I love moon, it’s so beautiful. Caption : Oh crap, it’s a full moon! I’m about to turn into something crazy! 🐺 
The last photo was taken when I got my LaVera bag. I did the review of it and you can check it out by clicking on ‘LaVera bag’ . 
That post is currently the most viewed post on my blog with about amazing 900 views which is absolutely crazy for me, the blogger who is just getting to know everything about this ‘blog thing’ and who gets around 150-200 views on other posts.
I think you really liked that bag! 
I went to the trip with my friends (with two matching bracelets! haha) on July 23rd which was also 6 years of One Direction a.k.a my favorite band ever. 
The third photo is actually taken on Eid but I don’t really know why but I chose to publish it then.
I didn’t tell you this but I was on an event a couple days ago where it was like opening of the memorial in honor of the people who died in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995 in the war. 
That’s where the 5th photo was taken. There we have first our old flag with lilies, our current flag and the green Muslim / Islam flag. 
The last photo is just my selfie from that day.
Before I end up this post, I just want to thank you for the most successful month of my blog which is behind us. It’s really unbelievable to say that we’ve reached over 5500 monthly pageviews, 22000 pageviews in total and we also hit 245 followers on GFC! 
I have no words to describe how thankful I am right now to you guys!
Just… thank you very much!
I hope the next month will be even more successful than the last one!
I love you!


  1. Thank you so much Vildana!! The latest outfit is a basic summer combo but I tried to give it a twist and innovate a little bit! 😉 Nice pictures of July! I'll show you mines in the coming outfit 😉 hehe. Happy day! Kss

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

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