Why I ( Don’t ) Like Summer

Hello my loves!
For today’s post , I’m sharing with you what I ( don’t ) like about summer. I saw a lot of bloggers doing this post and I found it interesting so I’m doing it today! 
I’ll be happy to hear your opinions about this topic in the comments down bellow and let me know : what’s your favorite season ?

I have that love-hate relationship with summer. Why is that?
Well, there are the days when I’m so bored and don’t know what to do with my life. However, there are the days where I just enjoy days without school.
So let’s see what I like about summer and what are the things I don’t really like…
No school
Being on a break from school is sure a good thing. You don’t have to worry about exams, tests and studying at all.
No responsobilities 
On the other hand, you have no responsobilities or things to-do when you are not going to school. That’s why some people start the blogs, learn new languages, draw, sing or do sports. I just like to have things to-do, it makes me way more happier because at the end of the day, I realize I’ve accomplished something.
I live in the place where mosquitoes are everywhere in summer time! 
I just hate them! They make horrible anoying sounds and their bite is itchy as hell.
It’s too hot to be productive
There are the days when I just want to sit by the air conditioning and eat the ice cream all the time.
But that way I often catch up a cold and well, realize it wasn’t a good idea at all.
It’s too hot for doing anything and you just get bored.
Hanging out with my friends
This can be both : a thing I don’t like about summer and the thing I like about summer.
Why is that? Well, I don’t get to see my friends from school at summer but I get to see my other friends who are having breaks on summer too.
Having time to blog
When I’m at school, it often goes like this : I get up, go to school, be in school, come back from school, do random things like being unproductive and I go to sleep.
I don’t really study at all but I still somehow don’t have time to devote my time for blogging, reading other people’s blogs and just being able to sit for hours writing, taking photos and editing them.
So that was all for this post! The random photos from my Instagram are here to make this post a little bit more interesting. Hope you liked it!
Love you and see you soon!


  1. Reading ur blog post makes me realize that we hav same reasons to hate summer season I love winters, snuggling in blankets and drinking hot chocolate mmmmmm

  2. Its also a love and hate thing for me. Love it for drying my laundry and sunning the pillows, etc. Too much sun not good for my plants but too little also not good for plants.

  3. Pa, omiljeno godišnje doba.. Proleće rekla bih, jer, tu je neka ravnoteža, mislim, tada je škola najlakša, tada znaš da raspust tek dolazi, a još sve cveta i prelepo je. ☺❤ Takođe leto volim uglavnom jer nema škole i ima vremena za mnoge aktivnosti poput bloga. ☺ Sjajan post draga! ❤❤

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