Hello my loves and welcome to another post on my blog!
I’m so excited for this one because I’ve finally reached a goal I wanted for so long and I’m really, really happy about it! We’ve reached 30000 pageviews on Living Like V!
Yeaaaaah, it’s possible!
I want to thank you all for your amazing support here and just for being there for me, reading my posts, commenting really beautiful words and…
I probably wouldn’t be here where I am without you guys and I just want to say massive thanks to all of you, each of you, every single one of you! You all mean the whole world to me and I can’t explain you how I am truly happy about what have I done with this blog. Almost a year ago (since I made this blog) , I wouldn’t imagine I’d be here, writing about how I reached this incredible number of pageviews for that amount of time. 
This blog is really something I am proud of and I want to thank you all for that, because, without you, the year behind me would be really,really different and I wouldn’t have so many amazing memories behind me. I’ve learned so much from all of you and I hope you can say the same.
To express how thankful I am for your amazing and incredible support, I partnered with WS Dear to give one thing away to you guys!
Since I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, if I made a giveaway on my own, I wouldn’t be able to ship internationally because of the high shipping rates but in this case, WS Dear will be able to send you this product anywhere in the world and I am really happy about that. 
BUT, before we see the present, I want to introduce you WS Dear as a web shop which sells stylish clothes, accessories and shoes worldwide. 
I love the things they sell and I am really happy you’ll be able to win one of them.
I’ll show you some of the things they sell…
These items up there are just some of the things you can find on WS Dear web shop.
You can find women clothing , accessories and jewelry for really affordable prices.
Now onto the giveaway…
You’ll be winning : 

… this T-shirt!
+ an online letter from me on your e-mail (include it in the comments) with the tips on how to success in blogging!

Why? Because if you are reading this – you are killin’ it!
Wow that was a pretty bad explanation actually…
Never mind, I choose this T-shirt as a gift for you because I think it’s really cool and I think you all are probably going to like it. You can choose between black and white one.
1. Like WS Dear on Facebook.
2. Comment down bellow what is your favorite item from WS Dear (INCLUDE THE LINK), for example : ‘ I hope to win and my favorite thing is http://www.wsdear.com/sexy-fringed-printed-chiffon-jumpsuits-with-open-back-exposed-navel-clothes-shorts.html .
3. Follow me on Instagram : @vildanasuta 
4. The giveaway ends after 3 weeks (October 15th 2016)
5. It’s open internationally
6. There is going to be only one winner!
Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll follow the rules if you want to take a part in this giveaway to win this T-shirt (I’m probably getting myself one because the idea is to be #twins with one of you. 
Hope you like the giveaway and that’s it! I hope I’ll be able to make something much bigger for my 50k giveaway. Who follows me now on Instagram and unfollows after the giveaway is over WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FOR MY NEXT GIVEAWAYS!
I love you all and see you next time!


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