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Hello my loves!
I love to just sit here in front of my computer and talk to you, it’s really the thing I want to do for the rest of my life – share my opinions with you and get you to share yours with me.
I’ve used to write posts in this #RealTalk column but I somehow stopped but now I’m here and well, yeah, I’m continuing because I like it.
For today’s post from this column, we are going to talk about Selena Gomez’s song…
Just joking, you know… But yes, I was inspired by her song called ‘Kill Em With Kindness’ because I think that’s her best song which has a really deep and intelligent message which I want to reveal to those who haven’t figure it out (although I think you all did).
What is it so special about being nice to someone who is being pretty bitchy to you?
It’s hard, you know. We are all used to just talk their language. I mean, if someone says something bad to you, you are going to say something bad to that person, too.
But why?
Why even to bother about that?
Isn’t the human strength in the ability to stop doing the things you don’t enjoy doing?
But why are you fighting then?
Do you actually enjoy it?
If you do, you seriously need professional help. I mean it.
Fighting with random people who mean nothing to you is meaningless and fighting with the people who mean a lot to you about a little thing they do that makes you nervous, angry etc. or if they just don’t like the things you do – don’t fight. It’s okay. We are all different and if you see you cannot hang out with certain people, just let them go.
It can be pretty hard and sad to just let go the people you loved once but if their company doesn’t make you feel good – I think it’s time for you to let go before ruining all these beautiful memories you have with that people by fighting. 
I needed a lot of time to realize that I am not meant to hang out with some people just because they go in the same class I do or they live near me so it’d be logically to hang out with them, or even you have the mutual friends so you are forced to do that.
Let me tell you something : it’s not logically and you aren’t forced to do anything you don’t want to do.
Make your own decisions and on the nice way – let some people go from your life. 
Just don’t fight or tell them they are stupid, not enough or even ugly, if you just don’t like the way they behave or think.
Being kind is everything and when it becomes a habit in your life, you’re going to be much happier and pleased.
By this, I’m not saying you’re just going to let some people do whatever they want with YOUR life by making it miserable and stuff, or letting them insult you, your family or friends. 
If someone crosses the line and it’s too much, just don’t show in front of them that their insults mean something to you. 
Why is that?
Because they want to see you crying or worrying about/because what they said or did, that’s the main purpose of doing what they do actually.
And if you just don’t do that, if you show you are stronger than they mean – that’s going to make them miserable about the failed try so you basically got your revenge doing nothing. 
I talked to much today, hope you don’t mind haha!
Love you and see you next time!


  1. OMG Vi, this post was so inspiring for me. I just agree with everything.. My favorite part is: "SMILE IN THEIR FACE!

    Mia |

  2. Draga, da li ćeš mi verovati da si jedina blogerka koja piše blog na engleskom, čije postove ja do kraja čitam? 😀 Hah nažalost, tako je 😀 Zapravo, postoji veliki broj blogera koji ja pratim a koji takodje pišu na engleskom, ali kad su tvoji postovi u pitanju ja se baš 'zadubim' i potrudim da do detalja prevedem, jer je kvalitet istih na visokom nivou! Zaista volim da posecujem tvoj blog! Konkretno Selenu ne slusam, ali cim sam videla naziv pesme koju si spomenula ja sam odmah morala da udjem na yt i odslusam pesmu i moram priznati da mi se dopala!

    Novi post na mom blogu <3 –>

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