Life Update : Eid, My Birthday & First Day Of High School

Hello my loves and welcome to a long-waited post on my blog!
This time, I’m doing a life update post where I’ll tell you how the past days were for me since they were actually more than just ordinary ones!

First day of Eid was on Monday , September 12th and I really enjoyed this years Eid. 
Eid is something really special for every Muslim in the world and I love everything related to it (there’s food, of course you gotta love it haha).
Pretty much there’s nothing more to say about it!
I was born on September 13th, 2001 and that basically means that was my 15th birthday.
I absolutely loved everything about it although some persons couldn’t came because it was the second day of Eid and they had some things to do but the five of my girl friends came and they made my birthday really special and great day for me. We went to several places and I think it wasn’t boring for them either. I hope they enjoyed it,too and yeah, I’m fifteen now (feeling old, you know…) ! I wanna know how old are you so be sure to let me know down bellow, love reading your interesting comments! In the one of previous posts I showed you my birthday presents so be sure to check that one out!
First day of high school was good to me. Since I thought it’s going to be really awkward and boring, it was pretty much far from that (except the awkward part, that happened few times on that day but let’s just forget about it). As you probably know, last Thursday was the first day of school for me and I didn’t actually get to know all of my classmates but I am working on that, I think we’ll get to know each other the next week (which begins tomorrow) and I think I am going to like some of them, they seem really interesting. Since it’s mostly ‘boy school’ I am glad that there are 8 girls in our class (including my best friend and me) of 28 students.
My schedule is so messed up!
Since I’ll need to go to school at 5:30 AM and I’ll be back home at 4 PM, I am basically going to have like 5 or 6 hours to spend home before I go to sleep (if I don’t want to stay up all night and go to school looking awful).
Making my home activities schedule can be pretty hard if you understand I have two blogs and I need to study and have some free time,too (and I’d like to watch several movies or TV shows sometimes, I need to live, you know) . I think 5 hours is not enough for that but what can I do now? Nothing actually except make it all work with my brilliant mind which is offering me multiple solutions for that : study and sleep – have no social life, sleep and social life – bad grades (I am getting lost in this already) or study and social life – no sleep (wow that was smart! Actually I saw it online, don’t think of me as a person who could make that up haha)!
I didn’t have Internet connection this weekend at all, I just got it and started writing this post. I had so much wishes to do this weekend on my blog which includes writing several posts I’d publish next week but since that bad thing happened I wasn’t able to do that so yeah, I’ll try to make it possible for me to write as much as I want to but I don’t think I will publish that often as I used to do.
That’s why I am now representing you my new fall/autumn template on my blog (in the case I won’t have time later, it’s better to do it now)!
So tell me, what do you think about it?
Do you like it or not?
What should I fix about it?
Be sure to let me know down bellow!
Love ya and see you next time!


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