What I Got For My 15th Birthday?!

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to my new post!
Sorry for my absence in last 2 or 3 days. As you know, Eid began 2 days ago and my birthday was yesterday (on the second day of Eid). Before I start showing you what I got for my birthday from my family and friends, I want to say EID MUBARAK to all of my Muslim readers! Have a great one and enjoy the last two days of it!
And before I show you the presents, let me just tell that this post isn’t something I do to show off or brag! I am extremely grateful for everything and everyone I have in my life and yeah, I just wanted you to know that.
Now let’s see the presents …
First I got this mug from my sisters. It says
‘ I’m a blogger 
What’s your superpower?’
It’s so cute and I love it!
Definitely something I will use a lot because you know how huge tea lover I am.
They also got me some wipes for cleaning my makeup. I use these Becutan baby wipes because any other wipes would leave my skin red and in pain actually because I have very sensitive skin.
They got me this Balea face cleansing creme and two Essence lip liners. 
Thank you sisters! 
My aunt got me this Balea shower creme, Catrice contouring palette, Revelique lip liner and this shiny eye liner.
Thank you!
My three best friends got me Christina Aguilera perfume, Adidas shower gel and deodorant, brown makeup bag and a birthday card! I am excited about this perfume because it really smells great!
Thanks girls!
Two of my other good friends got me this Alverde set with hand creme, shower gel and a deodorant, I think , a book and this really cute birthday card! Thanks!
That was all for this post!
School starts tomorrow so I’ll probably do a life update post telling you how I spent Eid, my birthday and how the first day was for me! Tell me down bellow would you like to see that post?
I love you all and see you soon!


  1. Pre svega, srećan ti rođendan, sve najlepše ti želim od srca! Divne poklone si dobila, najviše mi se dopada šolja, originalna je *–* Parfem Kristine Agilere je imala moja drugarica i potrošila ga je za mesec dana, mnogo joj se dopao, tako da verujem da će i tebi. Sviđa mi se tvoj način pisanja i izgled tvog bloga. Font je originalan, taman toliko da tvoj blog ostane upečatljiv drugima. Samo tako nastavi, imaš moj follow i ogromnu podršku:) Poseti moj blog jednim klikom:
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  2. first of all Eid mubarak to you too :). my eid went pretty boring so it was all a blur , i just cant believe you are 15 wow !! thats so amazing 🙂 well i just hit my twenties and guess what i am a virgo too !! cheers
    i really like you birthday gifts

    may you live a long happy life

    happy belated birthday

    beauty and dewdrop blog

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