Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone | WAS THE BOOK BETTER?!

Hello my dear readers and welcome to another post on my blog! 
This time , we’ll be talking about Harry Potter first book called ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ which was published in 2001 but I just got to read it few weeks ago and I am so confused what was stopping me from finding and reading this book before because IT’S GREAT!
You have all probably read it so I won’t be talking about the what it is all about.
I’ll just tell you how I liked the book and do I think the book is better than the movie.
The book really surprised me! There are some things that don’t match in the book and in the movie but I must admit that I like more the book version because it gives us more details about the characters and in general, I think books are better than movies because we get to imagine and create our own picture in our minds which is so exciting and makes us creative. 
Reading books makes us creative in the way where you actually use your imagination to create something, the story and the picture in your mind. You have to think and to imagine while watching a movie, you just need to ,you know, watch and listen. Although, I am a huge movie and TV shows lover, I am also a bookworm and I really love this book and I hope I’ll get to read every part of it and to discover the differences between the Harry Potter movies and books.
I actually didn’t watch the last part of Harry Potter yet because I always have something else to do but I am really excited about it because when you watch the movie which is in parts, you kind of grow up with the characters following their lives and you cannot wait to see what is the end of it actually about. 
I don’t know about you but it’s so weird to me to see how Harry,Hermione and Ron are looking different from the part to part of the movies – they are growing up and we can actually see and notice that. 
I think I got too deep in this…

So that was it for this post! Hope you enjoyed!
But before I leave, I want to ask you which ‘couple’ you ship? Harry and Hermione or Ron and Hermione? I am totally shipping Ron and Hermione because I can see they were the right couple all along from the start where Hermione fell in love with him. Aren’t they the cutest thing ever?

So that was all, love you and see you next time!


  1. Ja sam oooogromni Potterhead već dve godine. Harry Potter je moja opsesija. 🙂 Nemaš pojima koliko sam srećna kada vidim da neko sada uzme da čita te knjige, haha. 😀 Smatram da filmovima nedostaje previše toga i stvarno se nerviram kada ih gledam u nekim trenucima (ali ipak gledam nonstop, hah). Mnogo bitnih stvari je oduzeto, dodato i slično… Prva četiri filma i mogu nekako da prođu, ali ostali su totalna suprotnost knjizi… Iii, uvek sam šipovala Rona i Hermione. Harrryija i Hermionu sam uvek videla samo kao najbolje prijatelja (a ja sam pristalica muško-ženskih prijateljstava, tako daa.. :D) U svakom slučaju, post je sjajan. 🙂 <3


  2. Iako sam odgledala sve delove filmova o Poteru, taj osećaj se ne može uporediti dok se ne pročita knjiga. Ja sam veliki ljubitelj Harija i druzine, tako da mi je drago da neko deli istu ljubav sa mnom. Odlican post.


  3. Omg, you must watch the last part asap!!!! It is the most beautiful part of the whole story because of how it ends and yoou will be amazed! I loved the books and the movies and I keep re-watching them when I have time 🙂


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