Life Update : School Got Me Like…

Hello my loves!
I’m so happy I can welcome you to the new post on my blog! Why I didn’t published any posts in the last couple of days? I was so busy trying to adjust to my new life schedule considering spending 7 hours a day at school and another 2 waiting for the buses. It was really hard to get used to it but I think I’m pretty much okay with that now.
About the teachers, I pretty much don’t hate any of them (yet), maybe I just don’t sympathise with couple of them but I don’t feel like I’ll have serious problems with marks or anything like that. 
I have so much to tell you about that I don’t even know where to start…
Maybe I should start from the first Monday in new school. The first day of school for me was on Thursday and I told you about it in previous posts but anyways, we just meet our classmaster on Thursday and on Friday, we started meeting our new professors. So on the Monday, we met our Technical drawing professor and she told us about the things we need for class. As we have that class only on Mondays, I was hoping I’d find all of that supplies till the next Monday but I somehow didn’t have time to do it earlier because I was busy with finding books I need, so I visited the bookstore the next Monday morning before school and I bought the curve rulers and I already had the triangles so I just needed the divider with extensions for drawing but since they were all sold out in that bookstore, I didn’t bought it and basically, I came on class without it. As she walked the classroom, she checked if every student had the supplies and she just threw out the ones who didn’t have every piece of the supplies we need. And then she came to me and I told her I’ve got everything but the divider for drawing because they were sold out and guess what she did? Yeah, she threw me out, too.
I’ve never been threw out of the class and I felt really angry about it!
There were eight boys from my class, my best friend and I who didn’t bring all the stuff and were out during the whole lesson. 
And yeah, that happened! I was threw out of the lesson the first time for serious in my life!
But there are also some good stuff that happened to me during these weeks behind me in school.
I’ve got the first A from Bosnian language and it was because we were supposed to write a text on random topic and the teacher chose the four best ones ( I wasn’t hoping my work would be considered as one of the bests because I didn’t have inspiration while I was writing it and I personally thought it was far from good because I think I can do much better ) but yes, it was one of the best works and I got my first A in high school!
I don’t have any more marks yet, but the next week is going to be hell for me!
There are probably around 5 subjects I need to study this weekend and I feel devastated about it!
I think weekend is too short for that because I wanna have some free time to finish the Harry Potter book I am currently reading (my classmate lend it to me, thanks love!) and I seriously need to catch up on the new episodes of The Originals while drinking my new teas!
And of course, I want to get some sleep ,too and hang out with my friends a little bit.
Sounds impossible? Watch m… I’m just kidding, it’s impossible!
But I’ll just try my best. 
And let me tell you something – my English professor told me I read English texts really specific, unique because I read it without making any mistake in pronouncing but I have the Bosnian accent while reading English which is really weird but I find it as a compliment because I personally think the part of English language I am worst at is definitely reading so I guess I should be pretty good at another parts like writing and grammar. 
So the autumn is finally here and I am so excited about it! Isn’t it so beautiful seeing everything in brownish, orange and golden colors out there and seeing the leaves falling… So beautiful!
I wish you all happy autumn/fall and I hope you’ll enjoy it!
That was all for this post! 
Hope you enjoy it and see you next time!
Love you all!


  1. Odlican post! Vidim da se snalazis tako-tako u skoli,pa da ti kazem da nije strasno sto si izbacena sa casa,svi jednom budemo u zivotu 🙂 A sto se tice citanja engleskog,bas bih voljela da cujem kako citas s obzirom da engleski pises bas dosta dobro 🙂

  2. Hah Vildana draga, jako dobar post. Dugo me nije bilo tako da sam se bas ozelela i tvog bloga, i bloga drugih meni dragih koleginica blogerki. Inace kada je u pitanju skola, razumem te, nije strasno sto si izbacena, meni se to redovno desava hahah i naucila sam da se snalazim sa tim. Inace engleski ti jako dobro ide, kada je pisanje u pitanju. ja sam uvek odusevljena.

  3. Divan post draga! To što si izbačena sa časa ne treba da te brine. Svima se desi to bar jednom u životu. Ja sam bila puno puta izbačena, pa šta?Bilo pa prošlo. Jednog dana ćeš se smejati tome, sad uživaj. Jako dobro si savladala engleski, divim ti se♥

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