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Hello lovely people out there haha!
How are you guys?
Hope you are doing fine and I believe you must be having really great time now since you are reading this now… Yes, welcome to the people with boring life club, please take a seat!
But! Since I care about you so much, I decided to publish another post to make you feel at least 1% less bored! Let’s see if I can do that…
So I am showing you some of the places I want to visit in Europe! 
This is the first part of this kind of posts because I’m going to do one for every continent where’s possibly the city or place which I want to visit and I’m going to talk with you about those places!
So I’m not a person who dreams about being in one place for her whole life because I want to travel, I want to see and discover new stuff, create things and fall in love with the biggest cities and the smallest towns in the world. 
I want to have a life where I don’t need a holiday from but if I the life doesn’t turn out like I want it to be, if I get to work at the job I don’t like, at least I’ll have the ability to spend my holiday whenever I want it to be.
I know it’s a hard time in the world now, especially in my country, people don’t have a lot of money but I still think they’d have enough money and time to travel just if they wanted to, but everyone seems to think travelling is for rich people and it’s something not worth the money.
I don’t agree with that opinion and I can’t wait for the time when I’ll be able to finance myself and go whenever I want!
So these are the places in Europe I want to visit (these places+ every city in my country,of course) …
I’ve wanted to visit London since I’ve become a Directioner, it was probably 2012 and I hope, one day, this dream will come true because London is one of my favorite cities from the whole world!
I just love how the buildings look like in London, the places, the buses, literally everything looks wonderful in London!
Name me the one person who wouldn’t like to visit Paris and I’ll tell you he/she is lying haha!
Literally, Paris is so stunning city and I’m dying to visit it some day!
I’ve been to Turkey once, in a small city called Luleburgaz but I want to visit Istanbul so bad! It’s so pretty, I love the bridge, the buildings, the houses by the water… Everything!
And the last couple of cities I want to visit are in the closer countries to Bosnia and Herzegovina and they are Belgrade, Zagreb, Budva, Podgorica etc.
There’s maybe a chance I’ll visit Belgrade soon!
There’s going to be a Balkan Blog Fest in April 2017 and I HOPE I’ll go and I’m literally so excited about it!
Meeting the other bloggers from Balkan and spending time with them sounds so amazing! 
I was so happy when I saw they put ME in the category of bloggers on their web site here : !
This is a huge success to me and I can’t wait to find more details about it and I hope I’ll get to go there!
If you want to come, just sign up on their web site, and of course, everyone is warmly welcomed starting from fans to bloggers!
If I pass the task they are going to give to us, bloggers, something creative -they say, I’ll be coming to the first Balkan Blog Fest ever and it feels incredibly amazing and I’m so excited!
So that was all for this post and I really hope you’ve liked it! If you did, be sure to let me know down bellow! Love you all and see you next time!


  1. Draga Vildana,jako zanimljiv post!Baš mi se dopada ideja,uživala sam čitajući!Želimo posetiti ista mesta,naravno ja želim posetiti još neka… <3
    Puno sreće u daljem blogovanju. 🙂

  2. Vildana draga, s obzirom da sam veliki ljubitelj putovanja, jako mi je drago da si napisala post na ovu temu. Mogu se pohvaliti da sam do sada proputovala mnoga mesta u evropi, tako da mi je to dodatno doprinelo da u potpunosti uzivam u ovom postu. Inače moram spomenuti da sam i sama bila u Istanbulu, i to je jedan od gradova koji me je najviše oduševio do sada. Takođe bih na ovu tvoju listu dodala Rim (Koloseum) i Vatikan, jer sam sigurna da bi ti se Italija jako dopala.

  3. I really liked your post, I loved London and Paris and I cannot wait to go back there. Really like your blog.
    I'm going to Barcelona next year and probably also get to travel a bit more then that but since 2012 I've been visiting at least one country per year and it has been the best experience of my whole life!

  4. Izbrala si tri najlepsa grada u Evropi definitivno 🙂 U Parizu sam bila nekoliko puta i skroz me je ocarao svojom lepotom, a London i Istanbul su mi takodje na listi zelja.

  5. That's amazing! I hope you do get to go to the blog fest. I really would love to go to Paris as well! The city of love 🙂 I wish I could travel a lot and see the world. I've always thought that the idea of backpacking around Europe would be really fun, especially with a good friend. Hopefully one day

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

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