New Year, New Me? Not really.

Okay, I understand. 
It’s fine to set goals.
But I don’t like when people do it excessively because just because it’s the New Year and it all looks like starting all over again, you cannot change overnight!
I have my goals, dreams and the things I wanna change about myself but I definitely cannot do it overnight and I’ve totally accept it.
You should,too.
And I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to improve yourself in 2017, I’m saying you should do it patiently. 
Because… Good things take time!
The best way to start this year is making a goals list. 
I think mine is short this year but when you look really closely from one thing I mention there could be hundreds of other goals.
I simply wanna enjoy this one.
I wanna accept myself but also try to improve myself in the best way I can do.
I wanna read so many books, watch good movies and tv shows.
I wanna try new teas, new food, try to accept new people.
I want to make myself proud of my achievements ( school, blog, life in general ) .
I want to make the people I love happy and make them aware of how much I really love them.
I don’t want to be too cold to people but I am definitely going to appreciate myself more to let go of people who just use and hurt me.
That’s all I want.
I wanna know which goals you’ve set for yourself to achieve in 2017? Tell me down bellow!
Love you all and talk to you soon!

24 thoughts on “New Year, New Me? Not really.

  1. I ja sam neko ko na Novu Godinu ne gleda iskljucivo kao novi pocetak, vec malo objektivnije i sire. Zato mi je bilo pravo uzivanje da citam ovaj postm Odlican je. Zelim ti da ispunis sve svoje ciljeve koje si sebi postavila u sto skorijem periodu. Srecna Nova godina ❤❤


  2. Odličan post draga, potpuno se slažem sa tvojim razmišljanjem. Moj cilj generalno je da postanem bolja verzija sebe i tako usrećim i sebe i druge!
    Želim ti srećnu i uspešnu Novu godinu! <3
    Vesna – Home Chic Club

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