My Opinion On ’13 Reasons Why’

Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
I am glad I can finally do this post because I’ve planned to do it for like a couple of days hoping not to forget about what I want to write. Well, I know you have recognized and understood what I wanna talk about in the title.
The TV show that changes your viewpoint on life – 13 Reasons Why.
I mean, at least, it changed my viewpoint on life. 
Well, if you don’t know the story, you should definitely watch the show or read the novel before this post or just read the short story on the Internet.
What made me write this posts? 
I am a high school student now, first grade actually, just the beginning of this journey, if I can say it like that… High school is a big part of every persons life, at least I think so. I will write what I think without reminding you it’s just my opinion so I am mentioning it now for the last time, just to avoid rude comments because I think there are people who don’t agree with me and that’s totally fine. 
So, high school is a huge part of every teenagers life and it is really important for them (for us) to kind of ‘fit in’ and find friends, someone to hang out with, enjoy the things we love doing and find ourselves in different activities. But what happens when you are one of those ‘unpopular’ kids who are suffering, suffering and suffering and telling nothing about it to anyone, because, apparently you have no one to talk to? What happens when depression and anxiety or just some people lead you to the point where you want to kill yourself? The worst thing ever is to feel like you don’t belong here, that the world would be better off without you, that the people in your life would be happier without you and the feeling of loneliness… That can seriously screw up your life. 
And then, when you touch the bottom of your life, when everything just goes so wrong, you see only one way out – suicide.
I want no one ever to get to the point of life where you cannot find the solution, oh… This is so hard to think about because I know I am not someone who can change the situation in the world and it hits me hard when I think there are girls just like Hannah Baker (the main character of this story) who are suffering from different kind of problems and have no one to talk to about that. Wish I could be the person who could be there for them…
Hannah Baker killed herself. She committed the suicide.
It was too much. To just follow her story. Not to be in her position and live that life.
How would that feel? I cannot stop thinking about her.
Everything in a life of high school girl when wrong. If you are person who thinks she was too needy or too pathetic, please leave my blog. No, but seriously. I mean, Hannah’s friends and every person in her life thought about her as too needy and pathetic so why wouldn’t you? 
I’m saying she was not because it’s just so sad when I think about the fact that she kept giving her life another and another chances, being optimistic despite everything she has been through.
Could you still keep giving your life new chances if you have lost your best friends, the whole school thinks you are ‘easy girl’, been stalked, felt responsible for car accident where one of your acquaintance died and after all of that, been raped? 
The worst things that could be done to a girl were done to Hannah by boys in her school.
And as always, girls are always considered as unmoral after they have been sexually attacked and the boys are proud of what they have done. This society is so screwed up…
You come to a girl and without her consent you dare to attack her and after that you are even proud of that? What the hell is happening on this planet?!
As a human being, not a girl , I feel sad knowing that sexual attacks and raping aren’t considered as a ‘big deal’ anymore. He takes everything from a girl doing that, her happiness, confidence, optimism, her HONOR, and … She has no one to talk to about that, she has no hope that he will be in jail after she report him, like her words mean nothing after that. Like she’s worth nothing…
And now… It was a little too much, don’t you think?
After Hannah, another person in this show commits the suicide and the worst part of watching this show would be that you weren’t aware of the fact that he would do it. This show is all about noticing the signs of the person who wants to commit suicide and I have realized , by the social medias, that the people were too much focused on Hannah’s story to realize that boy, Alex, would do the same.
I can say I was expecting Alex to commit suicide because ,following the Hannah’s story and by my earlier knowledge about suicidal persons, every sign leaded to that. Alex was depressed, not fitting in, had no one, couldn’t escape the guilty feeling, he had lost the person he loved the most because he has done something stupid and he was the reason another person took her life, he was always saying that he will tell the truth about the things he did because he has no future planned, he was a good person who couldn’t take all of that… 
I mean, everyone would understand this show in different ways but for me, it means a lot because it made me think that there are always reasons to live, that you can solve your problems no matter how big they are and before all, that I should respect and care more about the people around me, not just the people I love. I cannot say I am a person who loves everybody, it’s just not ‘my thing’ to have 1000 good friends. There are like 4-5 persons I call my friends and for other people I usually say ‘I know him/her’. I choose the people I spend my time with very carefully but I wanna say that I was never a ‘hater’ who would hurt anyone by my words ’cause to insult is, neither, my thing. I like to give compliments, to inspire others by smiling a lot and I am really trying hard to ignore people who aren’t like that, who keep insulting me on the way I look, the way I dress or speak. 
I am on that journey of accepting myself the way I am but improving myself at the same time so I think my reactions to people who insult me now are a lot different than they were before. I just smile and say nothing, simply ignore because I am sick of trying to change other people. Realizing there are bad as well as good people on this world and that you will never have to ability to change that, can change you. At least, it did for me.
And… If you love someone, tell them. 
That was all for this post!
Hope you’ve enjoyed and I am expecting to read your opinions in the comments down bellow.
Love you all and talk to you really soon!


  1. Odgledala sam svih 13 epizoda za samo dva dana, serija sa sobom nosi veliku pouku I zaista bih je preporučila svim tinejdžerima! Jako je teško kada znaš da postoji na milione istih ili sličnih slučajeva širom sveta, baš kao što je Hanin slučaj. Mislim da u svakoj školi postoji maltretiranja, zlostavljanja, vređanja I odbacivanja, jer sam I ja jedno vreme bila maltretirana od strane školskog "druga". No, meni to nije predstavljalo nikakav problem jer sam tada bila jaka I puna samopouzdanja, te sam se bez problema obraćala roditeljima I razrednom starešini zvog nasilja u školi. Nažalost, nemaju svi hrabrosti da progovore o onome šta ih tačno muči, pa se na kraju sve završi tragično. Imam zaista široko mišljenje na ovu temu, pa ću, nadam se I ja jednom progovoriti o tome. Uživala sam u ovom postu, zaista si ga odlično napisala. ♥

    • Drago mi je čuti da si ti bila dovoljno hrabra da progovoriš o tome što si bila maltretirana i još draže što si time uspjela riješti svoj problem. Hvala ti na divnom komentaru <3.

  2. definetly have to watch "13 reasons why" so many People talk about it
    and Review their highschool time, it's so interessting to see it, how brave some People became and how frank they talk about their past.
    I had a well difficult high School time and this time is such an importnat part of our lifes!
    I loved reading your opinion.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

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