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Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This time, I am writing something really exciting – how to start A BLOG with my advice and tips I want to share with you to help you if you want to start a blog!
A lot of my friends and acquaintances have asked me before how can they start their own blog, is there anything special they need to know and can I share some of my tips with them so I find it easier to write a post like this so they can have some kind of guide if they decide to start a blog.
So you have decided you want to make a blog, but what is it going to be about?
There are a lot of topics which you can choose for your blog, but it’s important that the topic you choose is the one you love and are passionate to talk and write about, and also, know a lot about it or want to learn.
Some of the most popular topics for your blog can be : using it as a diary, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, fitness, maybe food blog, photography etc.
#2 NAME 
When you have chosen the topic for your blog, it’s really important that you choose the appropriate name for your blog. Go for something catchy and easy to remember because when people get to your blog and read your posts, they will want to come back to it, but they won’t be able to do so if you choose complicated name for your blog which they couldn’t remember.
In this area, it’s also important that you don’t copy anyone because extensions to your name like : diary, world, place etc. as a name for your blog are just too popular today and it’s not going to be something original.
And people love originals more than copies.
So you have decided what are you going to write about on your blog, you have chosen the perfect name for it and made it on Blogger, WordPress or somewhere else and now what?
You need to write that first post where you are going to introduce yourself to your future readers and say what your blog is going to be about. Be sure to set the following buttons on your blog before publishing your first post so you can mention it that they follow you right after they read that post, so you’ll get active readers.
Just be sure to include some of the information about you on your blog, like posting your picture in the first post, maybe doing a TMI tag as I did on this blog, just to let people find more about you so they get interested.
After you have written your first post, you want to share it on your social medias to direct people to your blog because they don’t really have a source to your new-made blog.
If you want to, you can share it to your friends and family and on your personal accounts, but I am sure a lot of you don’t want anybody from your ‘real life’ to know about your blog in the beginning (trust me, I’ve been there) so you might want to skip this part for now and go read #5 tip which can solve the problem of getting readers that aren’t from your real life in the beginning.
So, before starting a blog, I am sure you have read a lot of other people’s blogs and posts where you actually get inspired to start your own blog.
So when you publish your first post, I suggest you to just go to their blogs and write a comment on their post saying that you are new in this blogging life and could use some support from them, please them to check out your blog but please don’t spam with these kind of comments because people will notice you are writing everyone the same comments just wanting to get your blog popular.
I am sure any blogger is always for making blogger friends which are supporters for you blog in many ways, they are going to read your posts, comment on them, follow you on your social medias and you might even want to do a collab post with them which will make you really close friends.
Also, try joining blogger groups and communities on Facebook or Instagram.
I am a part of few blogger groups on Facebook and we also have a group chat where we talk everyday, we get tips from each other, exchange our opinions and help each other out with anything. There, I have made a lot of friends and I am really happy I got a chance to be a part of that, having that kind of support of the people that are reaching the same goal you are is so motivating and can help you a lot through your blogging journey!
That was all for this post, I hope it helped you and that you’ve learned something new and useful!
Expect similar posts coming if I see you have liked this one!
Love you all and talk to you soon!


  1. Jako dobro objašnjeno. Vjerujem da će biti od velike koristi svim budućim blogerima. I sama sam imala velikih nedoumica po pitanju bloga. Sjećam se kada sam odlučila da ga pokrenem danima sam tražila sve potrebene informacije, što na YT što po Googu. Dosta vremena je prošlo od kreiranja bloga do prvog posta. Važno je samo voljeti ono što želiš i biti strpljiv.

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