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Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
I’m so excited about this post because it’s going to be my third post in back to school series and probably one of the most exciting posts I always love to do – supplies haul!
I’ve always been a person who loves stationery so much and I buy a lot of it but I am always afraid to use all of these cute notebooks and notepads because I think I will ruin them.
Anyways, before I go too deep with my fear of ruining my notebooks, shall we jump right into this?
Firstly, a photo of everything I got for this haul!
I didn’t buy a new backpack because I have one from the last year which i still do like and I’m going to use it again this year, and I didn’t find any pencil cases that I like in this local supermarket so I will get it later probably, when school starts.
Let’s start off with notebooks. First I got four of large notebooks in size A4, the first one which says ‘Wild and free’ with this really cool colorful photo is squared notebook and it has thick cover and the rest of them are ruled notebooks.
As you probably see I was going for this topic of ‘wild and free’ and colorful stationery.
Next I’ve got eight of these smaller notebooks. Each one of them is so colorful and cute but I mostly like this ‘Love as long as you live’ notebook which is a bit thicker than the rest, it’s checked and I will use it for Math. For Math, I wanted a thicker notebook which will last me for the entire year so I can have everything inside one notebook. It was a bit more expensive notebook but I think, for the classes where you write a lot, you should take one thicker and more expensive notebook that a lot of thinner ones because you’ll have everything inside one notebook and it will make it easier for you to study.
Next I got two of Staedtler permanent markers in colors red and black and four of there SpotLiner highlighters in colors pink, yellow, orange and green. 
I find these extremely important and useful for studying and for your school assignments.
Next I got some pens – three blue and one red, and one mechanical pencil as well as this pack of leads for it.
I don’t really use that much of the regular pencils but I got one just in case I need it for something but I prefer writing with pens or mechanical pencils.
We all make mistakes so I needed to get a correction tape and these two erasers in pink and green colors.
So we came to the end of this post! Really hope you’ve liked it and enjoyed it!
Thank you for reading! Love you all and talk to you really soon!


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