Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog! 
So today was the first day of school for me and no, I’m not excited about it. I hope I’m not killing your vibes but I feel this school year will be so boring for me.
But I don’t want to sound too negative so I better stop talking about it, because I have nothing positive to say.
About this post, this is going to be a back to school makeup kinda recommendation or inspiration for your daily makeup for school.
I think you shouldn’t apply too much makeup for a school day because you know – it’s just school.
In middle school, I wouldn’t recommend using makeup at all, it’s just my opinion and it’s your choice if you are going to use it or not.
For high school, I am second grade of high school and these are the products I would recommend you to use for daily purpose…
I just recently bought this Delia cosmetics long-asting matt foundation and I would say it’s pretty good. The coverage isn’t that good but totally okay for your daily makeup routine.
The foundation was really cheap and I bought it because I heard a lot recently about this brand and I wanted to try it out.
It gives you that perfect matt feeling on your face which I really like and it says it lasts till 12 hours. Cannot confirm that because I haven’t wear it for that long but I wore it today and when I got home from school, it was still 80% on my face.
Then here’s this product I don’t personally use for school but for like going out and similar occasions – this Catrice professional contouring palette. 
I really like this one. I use the darker brown first on my cheek bones and then I just apply the brighter part on the top of that which leaves the shininess on my face.
The mascara I use is this Catrice all round mascara which is really good and I would recommend you trying it.
For my lips, I love to just apply one of Essence lipliners, mostly darker shades which go on brown more than red or pink because I think it’s more suitable for school, looks more natural, if you ask me. With that, I just use classic lip balm.
So that were all the products I would recommend you using for your school makeup routine. This is how my makeup looked like in the end!
Do you like it?
Thank you all for reading, love you all and talk you soon! 
Bye, V


  1. Cute! Such a natural look. I think that it's great for high school because there's no need to go all out with a full face for school.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  2. Hello! your blog is awesome 🙂
    I really like text and pictures
    You see that you are doing it with passion!
    That's why I want to ask
    will you agree to follow for follow on gfc?
    I like to be in touch with interesting blogs 🙂
    Greetings from Poland 🙂

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