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Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
How are you? I hope you are doing well!
School is kind of making me busy all the time so I barely find any time to take outfit photos for this blog, but I am still trying to because I know you love this kind of posts and I really love writing them for you so … Here I am with another one!
This will be a review of this wonderful sweatshirt which I got from Gamiss and lifestyle post in one. 
Why? Because I was inspired by the arrow print of this lovely sweater to have a little chit-chat with you about ups and downs in our lives. When I look back on the situations that happened to me in my life, I realize, whenever I had lost something, it was because something greater and bigger was waiting for me. But, of course, I wasn’t aware of that at the time the bad things were happening to me. It’s really hard to stay positive when everything that happens is making you feel down, sad and depressed. It’s actually a great strength a man needs to have to be able to smile through the bad life situations. Let’s just start for a minute with whatever you are doing now, and think about the things you have rather than thinking about what you don’t have. I’m not saying you should compare yourself to someone who has less than you because that would be simply using other people to make yourself feel better, I am saying you should focus on yourself. When I say I’m feeling depressed around my friends which doesn’t happen a lot, they always say I should think about that I have more than most of the people on this planet. And I really don’t want to. Why would I think about those who have less or those who have more? Why would I need to see other people situations to make myself better? Or why would I always get answers on my emotional issues like ”Oh, it’s nothing, me/that boy/that girl has a lot bigger problem…” . I hate it when we underestimate when we hear about someone’s problems. When I have something bad going in my life, I am just thinking about that, I mean, how can I be thinking about someone else’s problems when I have my own? Maybe it sounds a little bit selfish when I write it like this, but we just need to understand that everyone thinks their problem is the biggest. And that’s okay. You SHOULD put yourself first and try to save yourself before anyone else. You should love yourself before anyone else and respect yourself before anyone else to be able to have bad moments and to have the good ones, too. It’s totally fine if you are a person who likes to share your problems around the people, your friends and family, but it’s totally okay if you don’t. I like to keep things for myself because I think no one is able to understand me as much as I am able to understand myself. So every once in a while, give yourself a rest from all the worries, problems and bad things that happen in your life by just looking back for a minute in the past. Past will make you realize that, whatever you are struggling about now – it’s going to pass and you are going to be just fine. In ten years it won’t even matter, you’ll find yourself crazy when thinking about how you were stressing over things that will look stupid to you in that period of time. And the most important… You’ll realize Someone has it all planned for you, making you struggle a little bit to be able to appreciate your reward on the end of the road even more.

I’m not sure how many of you will actually read that up there but if you are here just for the sweatshirt (haha) you’ll definitely be interested in what I am about to say…
So I got this sweatshirt from Gamiss, in size M if you are wondering. It’s really made of a great material which is so soft and perfect for feeling cozy on the days when you don’t wanna make a great effort for your outfit but you still want to wear something cute. 
The print is really cool,too and quality made so it won’t fall off easily.
It costs 
and you can get it –> HERE <– 
So that was all for this post! Really hope you’ve liked it and thank you so much for reading! If you read it all and came to the very end, you are amazing!
Love you all to the moon and back!


  1. Izgleda da ću ja jedina zanemariti džemper i pohvaliti tvoje pisanje. Baš si me navela na razmišljanje ovim postom, ne znam, jednostavno si napisala ono što ja u sebi već dugo razmišljam. Ni ja ne volim kad mi neko kaže da ima ljudi sa većim problemima od mene.Ok ima, ali to ne znači da su moji manje bitni ili da se trebam praviti da ne postoje. Odličan post draga Vildana! <3

    Minnah's Life

    • Drago mi je da se bar neko osvrnuo na taj dio ovog posta i još draže to što si odlučila da daš neki komentar na to koji se apsolutno slaže s mojim mišljenjem, tako da hvala mnogo, zaista mi puno znači! ♥♥

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