Mustard Yellow

Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog! 
Five days without blogging … Seemed like five hundred literally. Especially when those five days were filled with school assignments and tests. It all went pretty good actually but I have been feeling really stressful these days and I hope this weekend will be a chance for me to relax a bit and don’t think too much like I always do, about everything, so I get pretty anxious. Anyone else facing the same problem? 
Writing a blog really helps me to just forget about the stressing situations and makes me feel happy. 
Thank you for supporting my hobby so I am in able to do it more and more every day. 
In this post on my blog, I’ll share with you some pieces from Zaful web shop which are in pretty popular color this season – mustard yellow. 
But before I share those pieces with you, I want you to check out skinny distressed jeans on Zaful because they have some pretty great jeans for affordable prices and I thought you wouldn’t want to miss that out! 
Mustard yellow seems to be the most popular color of this autumn season so these are the pieces from Zaful in that color, that I think you might be interested in : 
Hat –> HERE
Sweater –> HERE
Coat –> HERE
I think this is a really beautiful color and I’ll definitely get something in mustard yellow for this autumn!
Hope I helped you a bit with this post, giving you an idea what you should try out next when it comes to fashion trends. 
Thank you all for reading! I love you so much and talk to you really soon!


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