NewChic Haul & Review

Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog! 
How are you doing? Did you have a great weekend and are you ready for the new week, school or job and other boring things we are facing every Monday? Naah, me neither.
Well, to make it a little bit easier to face Monday, I’m recommending you to do some shopping! Shopping is always fun and it makes life exciting! 
No, that doesn’t mean you need to change your pjs and go outside your bed when all you want to do this Sunday is to stay warm and cozy. You can do some online shopping!
And if you don’t know where, keep reading! 
So this post is going to be about well-known web shop called NewChic where you can find some amazing apparel, makeup, accessories etc.
I did some shopping there and this is what I got!
Firstly, I got these two shades of matte lipsticks. 
One is burgundy color but on your lips, it’ll look brighter, like really strong red color. 
You can check out one of my previous posts where I wore this color on my lips -> here
The second one looks like a bright pink color but it’s actually some weird shade between orange and brown when you apply it.
I love the matte effect of these lipsticks, they really last long, you only need to reapply it once or twice a day if you are planning on wearing it the whole day but, there’s one thing I don’t like – the color somehow changes through the day. When I applied these lipsticks in the morning they were the color as they look in the packaging and then, later, they just kind of become stronger colors. 
Definitely aren’t for every day as I was expecting them to be, but still lovely products and I’ll wear them for special occasions for sure!
This item is currently sold out, sorry.
The next item is something I got for my Dad – lovely men watch.
I really liked how it looked on the website and I was kind of scared it wouldn’t look the same in reality but it really does. It works perfectly, but there’s one thing I need to mention – these little clocks under the big one, the don’t work. I was looking for a watch where they’ll work so I was reading through the comments on NewChic and I thought I’m so lucky because someone already asked if they are in function for another watch which is from the same brand as this one and someone from NewChic said they are. So when I was deciding which one I’d choose for my Dad, I didn’t look at the rest of the watches’ descriptions because they were all from the same brand. This one doesn’t has these pointers only for decoration and they are not in function (it was also written in description of it but I wasn’t looking well) . 
But it’s still really quality and cool and my Dad likes it.
You can get it –> HERE <– 
That was all for this post, really hope you’ve enjoyed it!
Thank you all for reading, I love you so,so much and talk to you soon!


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