Zaful Haul

Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
I have a haul today for you and it’s from one of my favorite web shops ever – Zaful!
I got a few items and I want to share them with you, I hope you’ll like it so let’s get into the haul..
The first thing I got was this knitted sweater in mustard color. 
I have been obsessed by this color lately and I knew I needed to have this sweater.
It looks perfect, the sleeves are little bit shorter but I think it was done like that on purpose because of the style of the sweater. 
It goes really well with my jeans which I also got from Zaful a while ago.
The material is so soft and beautiful, I am really satisfied by it. 
You can get it — > HERE < — 

Another sweater ! Yaay! When it comes to Zaful, I cannot resist their sweaters! They are all so cute and winter-ish because of the warm, cozy and soft material. This one is this lovely darker shade of green color and it’s a little bit bigger than I expected it to be, the sleeves are longer but it still fits me and I wear it a lot.

You can get it –> HERE <–
And last but certainly not least, these golden glasses. They are really popular right now, and I have seen them all over the Instagram so I decided to get a pair for myself.
I am a bit disappointed they are bigger then I expected them to be but I still got a lot of compliments saying they look nice on me. 
A thing I want to mention about these is that they are really quality glasses, I believe you’ll get to wear them a lot without them getting broken so all of my recommendations for them!
You can get them — > HERE < —
That was all for this post, hope you have enjoyed! 
If you did, please comment down below saying what’s your favorite thing from this haul!
Love you all and talk to you really soon!


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