2nd Blogiversary

Hello my lovely readers!
It’s two years of Living Like V! Wow, these two years have changed me in so many ways through this blog. I could definitely say I have been growing up through writing this blog and I am really happy about it. On December 22nd 2015, I made this blog and believe me it has been such a wonderful journey for me. To be honest, I couldn’t possibly imagine this blog would get so many views and followers. Two years ago, if someone told me I’d get asked daily about my blog as a popular place or get so many beautiful comments, even get my own fan page, I’d say that person must me joking.
But here I am now, with almost 200,000 page views reached in the two beautiful years, about 500 followers and many more on other social media. 
It’s never been about numbers but I love to see my progress in that, it makes me think what I do is good, people actually like it and motivates me to write more.
I have said this story to one of my friends few months ago and I’ll be telling it to you,too. So,basically, I was searching through some old photos on Google Drive which saves all of my blog photos and I came across a screenshot of my total page views on Living Like V. There were only about 18,000 page views then and it’s crazy to think about the fact that I multiplied that number by ten times!
I’m not like a famous blogger or something like that, I’m not saying that, but this blog actually makes me proud of something in my life. It’d be one of those things that brighten up your day when you think you have accomplished nothing but then you remember it – you have a wonderful people out there in the world who are reading what you write and basically spending their time visiting YOUR blog which gives me chills every time I realize it. 
I’m so thankful for everything I have and I want to thank you all for enable me that because, without you, my lovely readers, I wouldn’t be where I am. 
And when I say that, I’m not thinking about material things like money or promotional material for my blog. I am saying about my psychic state, the fact that I’m getting more open, communicative and open minded person who is expressing herself through writing, photography etc. 
To thank you for everything, I’ll be preparing a giveaway next week. 
My plan was for it to be today but since I want my Instagram profile included in the giveaway and my phone is still broken so I cannot post on Instagram, I have postponed it to the next week. 
I hope you don’t mind. It can be two years of Living Like V and New Year’s giveaway in one.
I’m still preparing the gifts and I hope you’ll like them!



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