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Hello my dear readers and welcome to the new post on my blog! 
I haven’t been writing for a couple of days and I am apologizing for that, and in advance, I am apologizing for the fact that I won’t be so active as I used to be on my blog in month of December.
You know these few weeks ahead of us will be the last weeks of school before winter break so I really need to start studying haha. 
I feel like I always say that but I end up spending most of my time on my blog again and I don’t feel studying at all. 
Never mind, let’s get into this post…
This post is going to be about two items I got from Zaful web shop.
The first one is this knit hat in pink which says ‘Nice to meet chuu’ and I love it!
It’s so soft and cute, really stretchy and warm. 
It’s made from quality material and I think I will wear it a lot!
You can get it –> HERE <–

And the other thing I got from Zaful is this lovely white sweatshirt that says ‘FRI.’

White sweatshirts have been really popular lately and I didn’t have one before so I decided to order this one. It wasn’t expensive at all, around 16 dollars which is a great deal for a sweatshirt of this quality. I really like it and it seems to be so important to have these simple pieces in your wardrobe in black and white colors so you can complete any outfit.
You can get this sweatshirt –> HERE <–
I really hope you like the items I got and decided to share with you! Really hope you have enjoyed this post and if you did, be sure to let me know down below!
Love you all so,so,so much and talk to you really soon!


  1. Kapica je divna, moram da je imam! Hahah, a što se tiče džempera, baš kao što si rekla, primetila sam da se sada nose ovakvi beli džemperi, pa moram nabaviti jedan. ^-^

    Novi post je na blogu, ako imaš vremena pogledaj ——> Adda's life

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