Random Winter Haul

Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog! 
How are you? I hope you are doing great! 
I have prepared for you a little random winter-ish Dresslily haul. Why winter-ish? Keep reading and find out!
The first thing I got was this lace-up warm jumper which I am not sure if I like. The color looked lighter on the web shop and I am not exactly satisfied with the color. 
The material is soft and nice, really quality but I also think the lace-up detail is too opening. I have a lot of lace-up shirts and they the lace-up detail is just the right length but this one is a little bit too much. I will still wear it but with undershirt because the material is really nice. 
You can get it –> HERE <—
The next thing I got isn’t really winter-ish and it was one of those things you order and you don’t really know why you did that but when it arrives at your doors you get all excited about wearing it. 
I am currently in love with these earrings, I love the feather and gold details. 
These ones are stunning and I highly recommend them to you!
You can get them –> HERE <–
The main reason why this is a winter haul is the last item I got! These are the cutest slippers ever!

I am a huge fan of slippers because they make me feel cozy, remind me of books and teas in winter time and when I found these ones on Dresslily, I knew I needed to have them.

I got them in size 37 and in this gorgeous pink color.
I have only the best to say about these ones and I needed to recommend them to you!
You can get them –> HERE <–
That was all for this post, I really hope you have liked it! 
Love you all and talk to you really soon!


  1. Kupila si baš lijepe stvari. Žao mi je što džemper nije ispunio očekivanja. Imam sličan u bež boji i jako mi se dopada, ali također mislim da bi mogao biti malo zatvoreniji.
    Papuče izgledaju tako mekane i tople aaa *_*
    Ako te zanima giveaway svrati: shoppingholic-dreamer.blogspot.com

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