Get your CHIC done | Stay Organized In 2018

Hello my loves and welcome to the first post in 2018!
Happy New Year to all of you celebrating, I hope you have had a great time for New Year’s Eve.
For the first post in this year, I figured out it’d be great to share with you some of my tips on how to stay organized.
If you are like me, you probably promise yourself you are going to be organized, do things on time and not procrastinate but after a few days you find yourself being bored all the time and not finding energy or motivation to actually start doing something and take the most out of the time you were given.
So I hope I have finally found a solution for that!
I bought this super cute daily planner called CHICovnik and it’s basically the most popular planner in my country and first one made especially for women.
I can do a little tour for you of this planner, if you are interested in finding out what does it look like inside. If you want me to, just leave a comment down below. 

I find the most important thing for motivating me to write in my planner is for it to be cute and a lot of sections where I can write whatever I want, besides the daily activities.
Also, a good tip for when you are buying a planner would be to buy stickers,too.
Stickers with little notes or just photos/emojis will make it easier to express yourself while writing in a planner.
I think a good thing would also be to do an organization board which you can hang on your wall and stick your notes and reminders on it.
That way you shouldn’t be forgetting what you need to do.
Use a lot of colors (pens, highlighters and color pencils) to highlight important things you need to do.
So I hope I have helped you a little bit because I know most of us have New Year’s resolution to stay organized so let’s make it true this year!
Good luck everyone! 
Also, I wanted to thank you for amazing 500 GFC followers, that’s a huge milestone for me, thank you again! 
I have changed the theme of my blog so I want to hear your opinions about it, please tell me do you like it in the comments down below! 
Thank you so much for reading, hope you have enjoyed it!
Love you all and talk to you really soon!


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