New Year’s Eve In Dubrovnik

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
How are you spending the first days of this year? Are you being productive and super motivated to make your goals come true? I really hope you are and I wish you good luck with that!
I have spent New Year’s Eve in Dubrovnik, Croatia where was a concert of famous Bosniak singer Dino Merlin so I wanted to share with you the wonderful moments I have experienced there by showing you some of the photos I took that day.
I really hope you will enjoy it!
So I am not really into celebrating New Year as a holiday because it doesn’t have any personal significance to me. But, I think any excuse to spend time with your friends, family and loved ones or just to travel somewhere is a great reason. 
That’s why couple of my friends and I decided to go to Dubrovnik when we heard there will be a concert of a singer we find really amazing.
I was surprised on how beautiful this city really is!
We went for a long sightseeing of the city and I must admit that all of the streets have some special features. I was probably saying ”I really want to live here! I wish I had an apartment in these narrow streets…’‘ 90% of the time. 
The style of architecture in the Old City of Dubrovnik, including big buildings and small apartments, is something I find really cozy and beautiful. All those wooden green windows on little apartments made out of stone… It’s so … Different!
Like someone threw you back to the 13-14th century. In this period of year, it’s decorated with lights so it looked like some place from fairy tales. 
On the last photo you can see the place where the concert was held.
It was amazing! I enjoyed the concert so much and it was really worth standing there for a few hours waiting for Dino. 
I am not actually a person who has a lot of ”experience” in attending events like concerts because I don’t listen to music which is presented in my city and in my country in general. I am mostly for music in English but I knew a few of Dino’s songs (trust me, if you lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you would know them,too) and I really respect him as an artist and his talent. 
Which kind of music do you listen to?
Have you ever been to Dubrovnik? If yes, did you like it? 

Please tell me in the comments down below!
That was all for this post! Thank you so much for reading and talk to you really soon!


  1. Ja obozavam Dina i mislim da je odlican ideja docekati Novu godinu na njegovom koncertu! Dubrovnik je zaista predivno i prelepo mesto, te sam fotografijama odusevljena! Ocigledno si se savrseno provela!

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