Rosegal Haul

Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This post is going to me a small random Rosegal haul. I am sure most of you know all about this web shop, but those who don’t, I’ll just say it’s one of my favorite web shops ever because the prices are seriously so affordable and the products you get are always so quality and worth the money.
The first thing I got was this lovely dark blue jacket. When I saw it on the web shop, I wasn’t sure about it to be honest, but when the order arrived, I was happy I decided to order it. It’s a very quality jacket, and above anything so warm! Although it is always really cold in my town, I’d only vear it with a shirt underneath. The jacket I ordered was in size M and in color CADETBLUE. It was a little bit tighter than I expected because I usually get everything in this size ,but my Mom did some corrections on it and now I can wear it. For around $20 you get warm jacket with really good quality.
You can get it –> HERE<–
The next thing I got was this little black bag with chain detail. The bag is crossbody type and is available in black and purple colors. It’s really cute. The chain can be taken off so now you have regular black bag that can fit any outfit. I think every girl needs black bags in every size so this one would definitely be a must have. It’s in the perfect size because you can carry a lot of essentials in it but it looks kind of small. Small but spacious, if that makes sense.
You can get it –>HERE<–
And last but definitely not least, these cute black rounded glasses with transparent glass.
I got them as a gift for my lovely friend’s birthday and she really loved them!
Nothing much to say about these ones, they seem to be pretty popular right now and I also have a pair in gold color and I really like them, although they seem to be too big for my head. 
You can get them –>HERE <–
That was all for this post, hope you have enjoyed it!
If you did,be sure to leave me a comment down below saying what have you been doing lately, how’s everything in your life? I really want to know if you are doing well, if not, you can always text me so we can talk it through. 
Because of your incredible support for me and my blog, I want to support you,too, in any way.
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Love you all so much, thank you for reading!


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