STORYTIME | Camp 2018

Hello my dear readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
I am finally able to write a post for you. In the past four days, I was on a camp so I couldn’t publish anything but now, I am here, ready to tell you a little story about past few days I spent on this camp.
As you probably know, I was on the camp with ASuBiH last summer ( I wrote about that in this POST ) but this one is a little bit different type of camp.
Besides its educational purposes, it has a religious character. As you already know, I am Muslim and I am trying to practise my religion as much as possible so I thought this would be an interesting way of improving my habits. 
I was pleasantly surprised with the program of this camp because we visited few beautiful places which I am about to share with you.
On the first day of the camp, we went to Konjic which is a small town in northern Herzegovina . 
I really like this town and I think the bridge you see on the photos is really interesting and beautiful.
I am always looking forward to visiting Konjic. 
Before the visit, we had some lectures with professors and learned a lot of interesting facts.
We had multiple lectures through these four days and, in the beginning, they all were a little bit boring but when the camp was slowly coming to the end we realized we have memorized a lot of great and useful information from those professors. 
On the second day, we stayed in Mostar where the camp was actually based, but on the third day, we had a little trip to Bjelasnica, mountain near Sarajevo. 
There wasn’t a lot of snow and it wasn’t cold but we had the great time. 
Some of my friends went skiing but I didn’t want to because I am not really into that winter stuff. Am I the only one who loves how snow looks like but like only wants to see it from the warm house, rather than going outside and do skiing or similar activities? 
On the fourth and the last day of this camp, we firstly went to Trebinje, also a little town in East Herzegovina.
There we visited Orthodox church but I didn’t take any photos there, probably because I was listening to the little lecture we had there but I will post you the photo which I found online of this church. 
After that we visited some rooms inspired by Bosnian culture and Islam. These photos can be seen above. I love the details and the decoration in this room, as well as the pictures in the Orthodox church in Trebinje.
From Trebinje, we went to Stolac, another small but yet so beautiful town in Herzegovina.
We came there a little bit before sunset and I took a few beautiful photos there, too.
After visiting Stolac, we went back to Mostar and had like a little closing ceremony where we got the certificates of completed education camp.
And the worst time of every event like this one came – saying goodbye to each others.
I am so happy I was able to go there and experience amazing moments, meet awesome people and learn a lot.
For the end, all of us…
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have enjoyed it, that I succeed in sharing at least a little bit of my happiness, caused by this experience, with you.
Love you all so much and talk to you really soon!


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