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Hello my lovely readers and welcome to another post on my blog related to online shops I want to share with you. In this post, I will be talking about KissMissDress web shop, but exclusively about their bandage two piece dress .

This type of dresses have been pretty popular now and I think they would make a great outfit for nights out and some kind of celebrations. Also, these type of dresses where you get two parts, one for upper and one for lower body, make it easier to plan your outfits because you basically buy one product and get your whole outfit planned. Isn’t that great?
The first dress has this lovely top with interesting details combined in gold and black colours. The skirt is all black and I think it’s a lovely combination.
About the second one, I think this isn’t really a ‘dress’ but it’s a two piece outfit. It’s in nude colour and the top is off shoulders. The bottom part are pants and I think it’s a very flattering combination.
The last one, in the photo down below, is a two piece dress where you have black top, it’s a lot more open than I’d like it but if you like it – wear it. I like the fact that you can tie it up in the back, I love that kind of details. The skirt is in one interesting shade of nude colour and it’s pretty flattering,too.
I think KissMissDress has a lovely range of these dresses and they are definitely worth checking out!
That was all for this short post! Thank you for reading and talk to you really soon at the same place!
I will share with you a few of this kind of posts soon and then you will probably have a chance to read my favourites for month of February because it’s slowly coming to the end, and of course, a few hauls and outfit posts. Stay tuned for that! 
Love you all so much!


  1. Top je izbor ,bas je lep
    Pratim tvoj rad,nadam se da to cijenjis i da uzracas,bilo bi mi drago ako bi svratila i ostavila svoj utisak na bilo koji post.Jedan veliki i srdacan pozrac

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