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Wordmakeup.com review is the topic of today’s post on my blog! Keep reading to find out more about this webshop!

wordmakeup.com review scam livinglikev fashion blogger
Hello, my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog! A few weeks ago, I got my parcel from Wordmakeup.com which is basically a makeup webshop. The product that I got was this set of KYLIE Send Me More Nudes matte liquid lipsticks. There are four lipsticks in this set which I will be reviewing today.
wordmakeup.com review kylie send me more nudes livinglikev fashion blogger
The package is very beautiful, pink and gold combination. Send Me More Nudes is written by a lovely font and the letters are gold as well as these little drops on the top so the background is a lighter shade of pink.
I really like the package, it looks so expensive. You are probably wondering why I said It looks rather than It is, well you might have guessed it right – these lipsticks aren’t original KYLIE cosmetics, but dupes. The package isn’t as the original one because the original one should be all in gold.
The set costs only $13 for four liquid matte lipsticks, which I think is a pretty good and affordable price. But are they worth even those $13? Keep reading to find out!
These are the swatches listed by the order in which I will review the lipsticks. The colours aren’t like the real ones in KYLIE cosmetics set at all. And they aren’t nude at all. But I think the colours are still pretty, especially for the springtime that’s coming. They are good pigmented and your lips don’t feel sticky at all, they get that matte feeling. I think I need to share my sister’s experience with these lipsticks. She applied one of these lipsticks and her lips reacted weirdly and they kind of got hurt. I think it might be because of the way she took the lipstick off because when I applied it, nothing really happened. My lips reacted normally but I still needed to share it with you because I am always truly honest with you in these reviews.
The first lipstick has this fuchsia colour which is going to be so pretty for this spring, I am honestly so excited to wear it! I think it doesn’t look bad on my lips and I might like this colour the most. I was looking forward to receiving this set because I thought I would get nude lipsticks, because I think they are most appropriate for everyday uses but receiving these bright colours might be good for me, to kind of get out of my nude lipsticks obsession although I am still not planning to use these every day, I think it’d be too much.
The second lipstick would be in some kind of pink colour with really conspicuous orange pigment.
It’s also nice colour but they all look similar so I have nothing special to say about each one.
This would be a third lipstick which is clearly in orange colour. I have never been a fan of orange lipsticks but I’ll try to fit this into my makeup for some special days in this spring when I want to highlight my lips.
I am always that person who has a lot of different lipsticks but always uses one because I like it the most so I doubt I will wear every single one of these, I’ll probably get obsessed with one soon and use it till I get bored with it.
The previous one and this, the last one, look almost the same when you apply them on your lips, although the swatches show the difference. This one is a little bit lighter. About removing these lipsticks, it can be really hard! You won’t be able to remove them without micellar water or some other strong makeup removers. To sum it up, I think these lipsticks aren’t bad for the price you get them. Wordmakeup.com offers probably one of the best dupes you can find online so don’t hesitate to check them out!


It’s July 31st, 2019 and I must update this post to share with you the fact that I have thrown these lipsticks in the trash. Why? Because I haven’t been using them a lot after this post. And again, why is that? I had many better lipsticks in my collection which gave me a pleasant feeling when I wore them and which didn’t take a century to take off.

And the reason why I wanted to update this post is that I want you to know something… Buying dupes is not a good idea. Buying cheap(affordable) verified and safe makeup is a good idea! Don’t look at the brands or names when you buy something. Any Essence or Catrice lipstick was better for me than all of these Kylie dupes lipsticks. Wordmakeup.com is good for dupes but I don’t think you should buy dupes at all. But, it’s your choice after all!

Thank you all so much for reading this Wordmakeup.com review and talk to you really soon! Love you all so much!


  1. This website WordMakeup is a scam. I am a blogger who writes reviews for brands and they have asked me to write 3 articles for them in exchange for 15$USD. I finished all 3 articles and when I submitted them they have this excuse that they can’t pay me because of problems in Paypal. I asked for what they owe me and the person in the email using anjilu2010 won’t answer my emails. I have read many reviews online that they are scammers selling fake products so DO NOT buy or WORK with this site.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I have only worked with them to review their products so I don’t have such a bad experience, although in this review I have said some bad things about these products since I wasn’t fully satisfied with them.

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