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Hello my dear readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This post is going to be a haul from web shop called Rosegal. I think you’ve heard a lot about it and read quite a few reviews on my blog about their products. I have been ordering from Rosegal for a really long time and they never disappoint me! Neither they did this time! 
The first thing I got was this cute shirt dress in maroon colour. It has these pretty pearly details and I love the length, it’s just above the knees and can be worn as a dress and as a shirt with some jeans. 
This colour is one of my favourite colours so I’ll probably wear this one a lot. The material is really nice, it feels good on the skin but I’d wear it in the colder days or nights because it’s one of those materials where you sweat a lot and it wouldn’t feel great to wear when it’s hot outside, I guess.
The price of the dress is 
it was almost 10 dollars more expensive before so if you are planning on getting this shirt dress, I’d suggest you get it when it’s on the sale. 

The next thing I got was another shirt dress but this one is plain gray shirt dress with some lace details on the very bottom. I really like this lace and I think it makes this dress so cute. Also,can be worn as a dress and as a shirt for everyday occasions. 
This one has a little bit different material that feels more like cotton than the previous one. Anyways, it seems like both of them are really quality pieces. 
It costs now
originally also about 10 dollars more expensive so check this one out while it’s on sale,too 
It’s also available in three different colours : black, white and gray. 
Last but not least, we have a little backpack which comes with a little bag and a card holder. I already had one of these which you’ll see in the next post, in gray colour but my sister wanted one in black so I decided to get the same one. I think it’s so cute! The little bag is really cute,too but the card holder cannot button up, that’s the only objection I have about these products. The gray backpack also came with the same set and the card holder can button up so it’s probably one-time mistake done while making the product. The material these bags are made of is really quality and I will totally wear this backpack a lot! When it comes to bag, I gave it to my little sister because I think it’s more for little girls than for me because it came with a teddy bear charm/pendant. Also, the backpack has a little golden badge on the top which I took of, it’s pretty but I like my accessories minimalistic so I took it off. 

All three items together cost 
but it’s not currently available, I’ll still leave you a link below so you can check for it later if you are interested. 

That was all for this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for reading and talk to you really soon!


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